BBQ, Brisket and Bar Bricco

I got my food cred back by finally eating at Bar Bricco here in Edmonton, Alberta & Phil talks about what is considered the best BBQ brisket in North America that took HOURS to get. Was it worth it? Listen to see!


Turkey Swedish Meatballs

Turkey Swedish Meatballs. I wanted to make Classic Swedish Meatballs…and made these instead. Best sub-in I’ve ever made!!


Ham & Potato Soup

Sometimes, even in the middle of the desert, all you want in the middle of winter is hot SOUP. Like this Ham & Potato Soup. Yum.


Announcing : Unicorns in the Mist!

Mike and I finally decided on our new website where we talk about everything blogging. Unicorns in the Mist. I still laugh when I say it!