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Tried, Tested and Trusted Recipes for Over 10 Years

The Kitchen Magpie is among some of the longest running and most trusted food websites out there. All of the recipes on this website have been cooked, tested and eaten by myself or my family members. I believe in quality recipes, not quantity. (However there are close to a thousand recipes on this website since I’ve been doing this so long!) In this crazy online world with so many websites/sources you can’t trust, I want you to know right off the bat that my family and I cook and eat what you see on this website. I don’t have recipe contributors that are outside of my family and I believe that your time, money and ingredients are valuable. While I don’t guarantee that you will love every recipe as much as we did or that all recipes turn out perfect due to circumstances beyond my control, you can rest assured that all of the recipes were tested, eaten and deemed blog-worthy by us!

Welcome to The Kitchen Magpie!

Welcome to The Kitchen Magpie! My name is Karlynn, AKA The Kitchen Magpie and I live with my two kids, two cats, two hedgehogs, one dog and one husband in Edmonton, Alberta, a born and raised Canadian Prairie girl!  Why the Kitchen Magpie? one might ask. Well, my nickname has been Magpie since I was a little girl, and for good reason. I collect recipes, shiny kitchen toys, pretty retro kitchenware and restaurant experiences like a magpie. At any given time in my house, you can find a random assortment of scraps of paper with recipe ideas strewn about the kitchen and something bubbling – or burning- on the stove! I love food, cooking and have a sweet tooth that is insatiable. I feel that I have been truly blessed in this career of mine, read on to find out why!

I’m a Bestselling Cookbook Author With Penguin Random House

Writing my first bestselling cookbook was easier than I should admit. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve done creatively. I did all the photography myself and all of the recipes, of course. My cookbook “Flapper Pie & a Blue Prairie Sky” was not only an amazing thing to write, it also turned out to be a bestseller, which apparently makes me a best selling cookbook author, which is so crazy to even type!

My second cookbook The Prairie Table  is out May 21st, 2019.

My QVC Cookbook Appearance!

I was incredibly lucky enough to be invited to feature my cookbook on QVC, THE largest shopping network in North America and meet the amazing David Venable from In The Kitchen With David!  For any food blogger turned cookbook author, an invitation to appear on QVC with your cookbook is one of the absolute pinnacles of what you can hope for, as they chose only the best of the best, so it’s an honor and privilege that you get to carry with you the rest of your career. You can watch my segment below.

My Facebook Live Segment With David Venable from QVC

David is truly one of the most professional, kindest hosts that I have ever worked with, a true gentleman – and boy is he funny! We even did a Facebook live together after the show, which was the icing on the cake and not usually a part of the QVC experience, so I was truly blessed to be asked to do this. He is so beloved by his fans and that carried over into a live segment that had 1700 comments full of kind, amazing fans that watched us cook and chat together! This was truly one of the highlights of my food blogging career and I would join him in the kitchen again in a heartbeat!

My Family’s Favorite Recipes

We eat what I write here on this website and after ten years of recipes my family has some favorites! I have two kids that I love more than anything (but maybe not bourbon) and a husband known as Mr Kitchen Magpie because THAT’S RIGHT HE TAKES MY NAME. BOOM. Actually, I took his last name when we married so you know what? It’s his turn now. Mr Kitchen Magpie does the cocktails on here and for that, we should all love him forever.

My daughter Ivy loves my chicken and wild rice soup more than anything else I make. She is my picky eater and if she likes it I will tell you this : ANY kid will like it! Oh, parents of picky eaters unite!

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Mike (aka Mr Kitchen Magpie) loves my Easy Fried Rice. I asked him and his answer was ” your fried rice, hands down.”. I have been making this fried rice recipe since we were dating! <3 I think it’s what won his heart. That and my ridiculous good looks, of course.

Fried Rice Recipe
Fried Rice Recipe

My son Kade eats everything but he claims that my Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies are his favourite. But let’s be clear, other than seafood that boy will eat anything. That’s just part of being a teenage boy, eat your parents out of house and home!

 Thick & Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Thick & Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Me? I’m addicted to anything Disney and my dream is to live in Disneyland for a week. Seriously. Why won’t they let me live in Disneyland for a week? So my favourite food is anything at Disney, but if I had to pick my favorite recipe is my Flapper Pie. It’s the recipe that went viral. It inspired a cookbook that was accepted by the best publisher out there and became a bestseller, making me a best selling author which is just cool to say! Also, if you haven’t eaten a slice of warm falling-apart-because-you-couldn’t-wait-flapper-pie that you and your sister made for breakfast with coffee, sitting in your pajamas as adults talking, then you really need to.

Flapper Pie and Me in a Alberta Prairie Field
Flapper Pie and Me in a Alberta Prairie Field

Enjoy all of the recipes that I have here, maybe read some of my Disney posts and most of all, welcome and thanks for visiting!




  1. Char Parker Reply

    I am one of your mom’s cousins from California and she has been telling me about you for a while and I am finally getting around to reading your blog! So far I’m TOTALLY impressed! Hope we can keep in touch!

  2. How am I just finding you now?! Pinterest brought me here and I started digging through your site – when I saw the ‘Blue Prairie Skys’ part of your cookbook title I assumed it was another blog from Oklahoma or Texas or somewhere else down in the blogging belt. However, my love of gin brought me to the Sloe Gin Fizz where you mentioned Edmonton! I’m in Stony Plain and I’m a diehard prairie girl myself, which I learned the hard way (4 years in Canada’s swampy armpit, Kingston, Ontario). I can’t wait to find your cookbooks and get to work!
    So happy to find you here, thanks for the content. I’ll be back regularly,
    Yayyyy, local content!!

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  4. Hi. Thanks for the recipe for your slow cooker dumplings. I’ve made dumplings before but not in a slow cooker.

    A suggestion regarding pasty white dumplings… Try adding a small amount of turmeric, coarse pepper, or Italian seasoning. Heck, a bit of beet or carrot juice could help. I usually add curry powder. Cheers,.

  5. Mike & Karlynn,

    Awesome presentation at Food Bloggers of Canada in the Rockies! Stuffed with valuable information and funny too. I would have loved it to be longer.

    I want to thank you for your kindness and generosity – given as if they were no big deal. When I mentioned to another blogger that I’d decided not to fly with my camera, Mike overheard and offered “an extra [dslr] camera we brought” and let me use it the entire weekend. When I was trying to figure out how to transfer my pictures at the end of the conference, Mike produced a laptop that he’d brought “in case someone didn’t bring their computer.” Like, of course 🙂

    Have a great upcoming blogging year (and travel and kids and everything else). I look forward to your new cookbook, and not just the cocktails section 🙂

    Hugs and see you again,




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