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The Kitchen Magpie is a diverse food and lifestyle blog which covers all aspects of family life, from delicious home made meals for families to prairie homesteading.

Website Accolades and Achievements

  • The Kitchen Magpie website has a very large dedicated and continuously growing audience who are searching for real food and recipes that are attainable for the average family. This audience also looks for my thoughts and information regarding places to eat, places to travel and real advice.
  • The Kitchen Magpie is a leading food blog that has been successful enough to foster a full time career for the author. (that’s little ol’ me)
  • For exact website statistics, please use the form below to contact me and I can provide you with the necessary information.

About The Kitchen Magpie herself, Karlynn Johnston

  • My first cookbook, Flapper Pie and a Blue Prairie Sky, published by appetite: Random House hit the shelves October 25th, 2016. My cookbook has been on Bestseller lists across Canada and on AND, as well as having been picked up and sold by QVC during a segment on In The Kitchen with David.  My second cookbook is currently in the worked with a projected publish date of 2018/early 2019.
  • I have partnered ( and continue to partner)  with many of the largest companies in North American. Past and current clients include Kraft, Garnier, Catelli, Olympic Dairy and many more.
  • I am also the creator of the Culinary Arts Cook Off , a local food event that raised an unprecedented amount of funding for a local Arts Core school & received extensive media coverage.
  • I have done the cooking stage at Home & Garden Shows and learned I love doing cooking presentations in front of a live audience.
  • I’ve been featured in many publications, online and print, such as The Edmonton Journal, The Nait Nugget and Friends Eat. Besides the cookbook, I’ve been published in Mumsense Magazine and The Edmonton Journal for book reviews, parenting articles and recipes respectively. I also recently joined the team at Culinaire for occasional articles.

At this time, The Kitchen Magpie offers…

Newsletter Sponsorships

We offer newsletter sponsorships through the Convertkit Sponsor Network. Please see this page for details on how to sponsor our daily newsletter.

Travel Writing Partnerships

I worked with many companies and tourism boards to help promote something I love; travelling to new and exciting places! Whether it’s half an hour from my house or a flight away, each and every adventure is as exciting as the next. I’ve partnered with Tourism Calgary, The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge,  Tourism Jasper, Tree Top Orchards in Washington, Tourism Canmore and recently  completed a week long road-trip with Esurance, an All-State company. Please feel free to contact me with your travel ideas!


  • I am happy to collaborate with companies desiring product promotion through writing, giveaways, recipe creations featuring products, social media or advertising.
  • Some of the recent promotion events I have participated in include partnering with Chobani Greek Yogurt, Tree Top Orchards and Travel Manitoba. Follow the links to read about the companies and the work that I have completed with them.
  • Only products and events that fit in with the ideals and philosophy of The Kitchen Magpie website will be considered.
  •  Please email me for more information on availability and rates.

Product Reviews

If you have a product that I would have fun reviewing (kitchen gear) feel free to contact me but note that there is a fee for any and all posts regarding said product and it will be be my honest two cents about the product.

Please note: I am extremely picky about who I partner with. I turn down at least half of the potential pitches that I receive, resulting in the best quality promotion that I can provide to the clients whose message fit with my audience here on The Kitchen Magpie. Rest assured that you and your client are in capable hands and there is no fear that your message  is being diluted and lost within a website filled with partner posts. My readers are the single most important thing to me and are the reason that I am able to do this as a full time job, so please understand when I cannot take on a partnership opportunity that doesn’t fit. There is always the chance that we can connect later on with a different product or promotion!

Thanks for thinking of me for your next project, I look forward to connecting and brainstorming together! I love to take on unique projects or advertising ideas and would be happy to hear your thoughts on how we can work together, because the main point of doing this for a career is having fun and sharing it with my readers!

I DO NOT accept any guest posts from companies on my website.

Use the email below to contact me:

karlynn at

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