Biscuits and Scones

Without a doubt, we are a carb lovin’ family! Mr Magpie likes to insist that he married me for my scones recipe that my family has been making for decades now but we all know that it was my good looks and smarts, right? I also love making biscuits because that means that no matter what I made for dinner, my picky eater will eat something – the biscuits that I made, not dinner, of course. You’ll be surprised how many scones recipes I have on this website and trust me, there are many more coming your way! Nothing beats baking up some fresh scones or biscuits for brunch on the weekend. Try my Best Biscuits Recipe if you are looking for a delicious copycat recipe of the Red Lobster chain biscuits!

What Are Scones?

Scones are a British baked good made from flour and leavening agents to produce a biscuit type treat that is usually enjoyed with jam and clotted cream for traditional high tea. Scones originally were formed into a circle then cut into triangles, which is the method I prefer to make them myself as the results tend to be the best. They look similar to biscuits as they are now made more commonly into round circles. Read my How to Make Perfect Scones post if you want to see my easy method for making scones into the classic triangle shape.

Featured Scones Recipe Video

These scones are one of my most popular recipes on my website and are absolutely amazing. If you love a good, traditional style scone, you’ll love these. Give this scone recipe a try!

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What's the Difference Between Scones and Biscuits?

Are you ready for the easier answer in the world? It’s one word : EGGS. Scones have eggs and biscuits do not have eggs.

Both scones and biscuits can be sweet, both can be savory, but only scones have egg. As soon as you add egg into a biscuit, it’s become a scone! You will find that the egg makes the baked scone richer and denser than a biscuit, the two are completely different in texture once you add in the egg.

All Biscuits and Scones Recipes

Here’s all of our delicious scones and biscuit recipes for you all! Enjoy!

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