Yeast Bread and Buns

Yeast bread recipes are ones that use yeast as the leavening (rising) agent to give breads that wonderful light, fluffy texture inside that we all know and love. Yeast bread dough takes time to prepare as it will generally need to rise two times before you can bake it to make sure that the yeast has been activated and is doing it’s job properly. Allow yourself a couple of hours to undertake yeast breads such as my Homemade Monkey Dough or Sweet Dinner Rolls recipe. Some yeast breads are faster, such as my Pizza Dough Recipe and don’t require as much time.

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This is my Baba’s Ukrainian Easter Bread recipe and we call it Babka. Here on the Canadian Prairies, Ukrainian settlers called this eggy raisin filled bread Babka, not Paska. Whatever you call it, it’s the best UKRAINIAN EASTER BREAD ever!

Types of Yeast Used in Bread Making

There are two types of dry yeast:

  • Regular Active Dry Yeast, also known as traditional yeast
  • Instant Yeast, also known as Bread Machine Yeast, Fast-Rising, Rapid-Rise, Quick Rise

The main advantage of the rapid-rise type of yeast is that the rising time is generally cut in half compared to when you use traditional yeast. You also only need one rising when you use it. You can substitute the yeast types in a one to one ratio in recipes to speed up the time it takes to prep the dough and make the recipe, however I honestly have always found that traditional yeast yields the best crumb, flavor and rise for homemade breads, but that’s just my personal preference.

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All Yeast Bread and Buns Recipes

Some of these yeast bread recipes are fast, some are slow, but all are delicious!

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