Appliance Cooking

Appliance cooking has become more and more popular over the last few years with the emergence of the Instant Pot, Air Fryers and other small appliances. This section showcases our wide selection of appliance cooking recipes such as Instant Pot recipes, Slow Cooker Recipes, Air Fryer Recipes and more.

Our Favorite Appliance

Instant Pot
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If there’s one thing we definitely have a ton of here at The Kitchen Magpie, it’s appliances! Over the years we’ve accumulated a wide array of appliances for all kinds of purposes ranging from pressure cooking to air frying and beyond.

One of our most used appliances is our Instant Pot. It’s so incredibly useful it’s ridiculous and it saves a TON of time when it comes to getting dinner ready. If you want your own, you can buy the same one we own from Amazon by clicking here or on the picture on the right.

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