Our first night of dining on the Disney Wonder saw us at the Parrot Cay. This restaurant is located on Deck three and aft (which means the front of the ship for you land lubbers) and has a Caribbean influenced style to it. I must admit that I have barely any pictures of the food, mainly because the first night we ate there I was feeling a little sea sick.

This restaurant is very aft so you most certainly feel the sea. We happened to set sail following a thunderstorm in Galveston and the waves were at about 10 feet when it was time for dinner. This had the Christmas swags hanging in the restaurant swaying back and forth and for a person who is trying to get their sea legs for the very first time it was quite overwhelming!

I tried out the Baked Crab Dip Martinique for my appetizer the first night and it was divine. Even while feeling slightly under the weather I can still enjoy a scrumptious hot dip, especially with seafood in it!


My main course was the Mixed Grill,  which was a delicious combination of grilled sirloin steak, lamb chop, bacon wrapped sausage and jumbo shrimp on mashed potatoes, asparagus and grilled tomato with a Cabernet Mushroom Sauce. I apologize for my bad picture, everything in the restaurants was in the dark with indoor lightning and this was taken on my phone! Double bad.


The kids menu had the usual fare for picky eaters, burgers, mac n’cheese that kept my nephew and my daughter happy the whole time. Cousin D likes his cheeseburgers as much as Jughead from the Archie comics does! You can see the Tikki like decor in this picture a bit more.


The second and last time we ate in The Parrot Cay it was Christmas and I honestly did not feel like taking pictures on Christmas, rather I wanted to spend it with my family talking and enjoying the meal. However, you can’t take the food blogger out of me completely and I did snap a shot of my delicious turkey dinner that night! Oh, sweet potatoes, turkey, cornbread stuffing, it was all so delicious!


You can check out more on the Parrot Cay HERE but the menu online is different slightly than from what we ate and what you most likely will have on your own cruise. It varies from evening to evening since you have to eat there twice or more on a six night, five-day cruise.

Parrot Cay is also one of the locations open in the morning for a more formal buffet service for breakfast where you are seated at a table and served your drinks, then invited to partake of the buffet. We had breakfast there once to make sure we tried it and while it is nice to have your drinks brought to you, we preferred The Beach Blanket Buffet to the Parrot Cay.

Parrot Cay was my least favorite out of all the restaurants that we ate dinner at, but not because of quality. I found that I preferred the menu’s at the other locations, Triton’s and Animator’s Palette, which I will write about soon! The decor was cute but again, not as nice as the other places.

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