Ten Things That Will Surprise You On Your Disney Cruise

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Oh, do I love Disney Cruises! They are my very favourite vacation out of everything that I have ever done, including the Disney Parks! If you are thinking of taking a Disney Cruise, here are a few things that I have learned that might be surprising!

The Ship for Disney Cruise

1) Your Children Will Not Get Enough Sleep.

For reals, here folks. There is so much to do and so little time to do it (even our five days wasn’t enough!) that your kids are going to go go go.  They are going to be tired but the happiest they’ve ever been.

2) You Are a Big Part Of The Above Problem

We were worse than the kids. We would drop the kids off at 9 at night for a Pajama party with Goofy, because, well, it’s a FREAKING PAJAMA PARTY WITH GOOFY AND I WOULD HAVE DIED TO HAVE THIS AS A CHILD. You are going to make sure that your children soak it all up and if that means a lack of sleep, those little buttercups can suck it up.

3) You Will Not Get Enough Sleep

Rest is for the weak, Disney lovers! There is no sleeping in! There are ports to explore, food to eat, you can sleep when you are home! My God, you have a FREE BABYSITTING SERVICE that allows you to go to a bar and drink, without having to take a taxi! You can nap during the day, just drop those kids off at the kids clubs and run back to your cabin giggling over the fact that you are sneaking a nap midday!

4) You Are Going To Randomly Cry Over Nonsense.

Just me? No. I’m pretty sure that if you own a set of ovaries and love Disney, you are going to start sniveling at one point. I couldn’t walk down the hallway and listen to Christmas music without tearing up for Pete’s Sake. This might also have to do with #3. And the fact that I am a big suck that cries over everything.

5) You Have Greatly Underestimated Your Ability to Eat 

Consider your Disney Cruise your training ground for a soft serve ice cream eating contest. Or in my case, the World Champion of Eating Cold Shrimp and Cocktail sauce. (I’m still waiting for my trophy). Don’t bring your fat pants, buy a mummu.

6) You Will Turn Into A Schedule Planning Dictator

You are going to stare at your Personal Navigator (the schedule for the following day that you are given at turn down time every night)  like it’s the Holy Bible every night. You will get out markers and highlight what you need to do and when. You will be a drill sargent barking out orders such as “Goofy, pictures, midship NOW NOW NOW MOVE IT SOLDIER AND CLEAN YOUR FACE!”

7) Your Port Excursion Time Is Never Long Enough

Just because you have eight hours doesn’t mean you have time to do everything you want. Time went warp speed when you are onshore, trust me.

8) Take Cash With You, There Is NO Cash on The Boat & You Rarely Can Pay in Cash

No ATM folks and you cannot pay the shop with cash! There are no cash registers in the Disney Shop – my sister tried to pay with cash and was told it’s charged to the room only. Keep tips for the people who carry your luggage from the parking lot and help you out. You still need cash for port excursions too, so take it with you!

9) You Will Barely Be Off The Ship And Planning Another Cruise

Heck ,we were stupid and didn’t plan a cruise while on the ship, which gets you a better deal. Bah. Deal with the fact that you are going to fall in deep love and want to cruise again as soon as you can. Book on the ship. Now I have to book online and NOT save money, which irritates me.

10) Nobody Tells You That Once OFF The Ship, You Will Still Feel Like You Are On The Ship For a Good 3 Days

Whoa. Getting your land legs can be a crazy thing, my friends and was the one thing I didn’t really read about in detail, nor was it mentioned as much as sea sickness. Danged if the world was rocking and rolling for two days for me and three for Mike. You are going to be off-balance and feel like the world is moving. Keep your motion sickness meds handy for AFTER the cruise!



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