Disney Wonder Dining: The Beach Blanket Buffet

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It’s time to start my little mini series on Disney Wonder Dining! Oh yes, you can’t let me loose on a cruise ship with all that food and not expect me to write about it in complete crazy detail!
The Beach Blanket Buffet - a plate with white chocolate raspberry whip


First things first. I now understand why people say you do nothing but eat on a cruise, or at least, that’s what it feels like. Before I went on the cruise I thought sure, it’s only three meals a day, we aren’t really going to eat all day.

Yes, yes you are. And yes, yes we did. I don’t understand how we ate about 6 meals a day. I do understand why the gym on the ship was packed full of people every single day.

The place that we did the majority of our eating was the Beach Blanket Buffet, located on Deck 9 of the Disney Wonder. We ate breakfast and lunch here almost every single day and it was the very first place we ate on the Disney Wonder on Embarkment Day. I highly suggest that on your Embarkment Day you skip eating at the Parrot Cay which is sit down and head on up to the Beach Blanket to enjoy it instead. There is seating everywhere, inside and out on the deck by the pool. I think we sat inside once the entire trip.

The kids loved it and here they are the very first day! Oh, how the fun was just starting for us!

Group picture of a mother and kids in a table enjoying their foods at the Beach Blanket Buffet

I loved the food at the Beach Blanket Buffet. For one, there was always cold shrimp. Huge, delicious, no skimping amazing cold shrimp. I ate them daily. Oh do I have a thing for cold shrimp and cocktail sauce!

Notice what takes up most of the real estate on my plate.

plate of food at Beach Blanket Buffet including huge cold shrimps

The Beach Blanket also has amazing desserts. We tried almost all of them the first day as you can see. The one at the back was a white chocolate raspberry whip, which I need to learn how to make. NOW. Oh my word, it was amazing!

a plate with white chocolate raspberry whip

I was impressed with the fabulous variety they had from day-to-day. With a few exceptions – those shrimp of mine- there was new creations daily.

You can only guess how excited my son was to see a chickpea curry and rice one day for lunch! He was thrilled to see his favorite dish and I was glad to have a nice tasty flavor change!

chickpea curry on top of rice

So. Did I mention desserts?  We might have tried a lot of desserts in those five days onboard. Again, the little whippy desserts in the cups are the best!

little whippy desserts in the cups

I already had you all drooling over the Christmas seafood buffet with my Disney Wonder Merrytime Cruise post but let’s torment you again, shall I?

the Christmas seafood buffet

Merry Christmas to me and Baby Jesus.


plate with variety of seafood at the beach blanket buffet

Now, I also have to admit that I totally checked out of my parenting once in a while when it came to food on the cruise.Of course, I made sure that they ate their protein and their fruit whenever I could, but sometimes…

…sometimes my daughter ate like this. Oh, mother’s of picky eaters everywhere are nodding their heads in agreement. Rice, butter and a bun. Dessert. And some crazy Fruitopia juice.

I hang my head in shame.

Rice, butter and a bun, dessert and some crazy fruitopia juice in a plate

So the Beach Blanket Buffet was without a doubt our favorite place to eat. It wasn’t the fanciest of food but it was delicious, a very well done buffet (which is hard to accomplish) and had something for the whole family. We loved sitting outside in the sun or the shade and watching the ocean while feeling a slight, delightful ocean breeze.

kids sitting outside in the shade and watching the ocean while enjoying their foods

I loved that we didn’t have to rush to get there at a certain time but had a couple of hours in which the buffet was open for breakfast and lunch respectively. We fit eating into our schedule – which believe it or not was really busy! – and didn’t have to plan around a certain seating time. Sleep in? No worries, the buffet is there when you wake up.

We didn’t make it to the Beach Blanket for dinner service sadly, we were too eager to eat at all the other places. However, now I have something new to try on my next cruise!

Have any questions? Ask them in the comments below and I will be glad to answer them if I can!



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  1. Stephanie Ng Canavan says

    Sounds like you had a blast! We loved the Beach Blanket Buffet too when we cruised on the Wonder in Spring 12. Loved all the dining

    • thekitchenmagpie says

      I want to be back already! I can’t wait to cruise again!

  2. ACanadianFoodie says

    This looks like a dream to me and you should have pitched your family trip and got it comped with all this free advertising they are getting – as there is no disclosure, I am assuming that you are writing this out of the goodness of your own heart – but this is incredible detail and phenomenal promotion for their family cruises. With your reach, your entire family should be traveling for free. 

    I am loving these posts!

    I cannot get enough. Detailed, specific and so passionate – I have no children to take, but am a child at heart and have Vanja reading along with me.


    • thekitchenmagpie says

      ACanadianFoodie Glad you are enjoying them, that’s the reason I’m posting them, for everyone who wants to pack their “virtual suitcase” and come along! This is a good example of when I love to write without compensation, because I seriously love the topic! I’m a little crazy about Disney and it makes me happy to share with everyone! 

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