Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

close up stack of Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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This Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe is my favourite cookie recipe of all time. I love a buttery, snappy crisp cookie more than I love a thick and chewy one.This is such a good recipe it made it into my first cookbook, so you know that you’re getting the best chocolate chip cookies! So if you are a lover of super crunchy, crispy chocolate chip cookies as well, read on to find out how to make them!

If you are looking for a thick and chewy chocolate chip cookie, head to my Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe, that’s one of my most popular cookie recipes.

stack of Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies in black cooling rack
Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am completely biased, but these are my personal perfect chocolate chip cookie. They are rich with the butter, sweet and chocolaty and that crunch? Amazing. I have been making these chocolate chip cookies for as long as I have been blogging and decided that it was time to update this recipe with more information and newer ( way better) photos of them.

How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. First, it’s all about the butter, baby. ( isn’t it always). These chocolate chip cookies required a little kitchen science to get them the way they are. This recipe needs a full cup of butter.
  2. We have to raise the amount of flour slightly so that the cookies don’t puff up and out, they need to hold together better.
  3. You have to lower the brown sugar amount. Brown sugar is what gives cookies that lovely chewy texture, while white sugar creates a crisper cookie.
  4. Last, we need only one egg. Eggs create lift in a recipe and that’s not what we are looking for in this chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Kitchen science is amazingly cool.

close up stack of Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

How to Flatten the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I start by wetting the bottom of a glass with water. Press each ball down with the glass to make an even disk. Flatten each of them as much as you can. This is a dry dough – no sticky chewiness going on here- but it’s just wet enough to make perfect little flat cookie patties.

Flattening the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough using a glass with water

Tips and Tricks for Making Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Use a great butter. There is a strong butter flavour in these cookies, so make sure that it’s a good quality one!
  • These don’t bake up that well on humid days, but you can add flour to the mixture to dry it up a bit. Take a good look at what the dough looks like in the photo where I am flattening them with a glass, it is really not a wet batter in the slightest.
  • Try refrigerating them on the baking sheets if it’s a hot day.
  • Your butter can have a high water content which will make this batter stickier and the cookies fluffier. Again, use a GOOD QUALITY butter and this won’t happen to you! Boo on fillers in butter! Don’t buy a cheap one!
  • Use good quality chocolate chips as well.
close up stack of Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

This chocolate chip cookie recipe turns out wonderfully crispy, crunchy cookies and are surprisingly a hit with everyone, even the chewy chocolate chip cookie lovers. The butter flavor really is apparent in these ones due to the lack of flavor that comes with white sugar, but that isn’t a bad thing at all. Buttery, crispy little bites of chocolate heaven!

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Happy Baking everyone!


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Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe: Crispy, Crunchy Delights

Bakery style chocolate chip cookies, buttery with a chocolate crunch!
4.93 from 66 votes
Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
15 minutes
Total Time
25 minutes
Karlynn Johnston


  • 2 1/2 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup butter softened
  • 1 1/4 cups white granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 1 egg
  • 2 cups chocolate chips


  1. Kick the tires and light the fires to 375 degrees. 

  2. Cream together your butter and sugar until it's light and fluffy. 
  3. Add in the egg and vanilla, mixing thoroughly.
  4. Beat in the flour, baking soda and salt. 

  5. When that is done, fold in the two cups of chocolate chips by hand, and prepare to put them on some parchment paper lined cookie sheets.

  6. Roll a heaping tablespoon of cookie dough into a ball, 12 per cookie sheet. Take a glass and using the bottom, flatten out each cookie. If the cookie sticks, start wetting the bottom of the glass with water, they will come right off. Flatten each of them as much as you can. This is a dry dough - no sticky chewiness going on here- but it's just wet enough to make perfect little flat cookie patties.

  7. Bake at 375 degrees for 9-11 minutes, until golden brown. 

  8. Cool on the sheets completely. These turned out to be wonderfully crispy, crunchy and were surprisingly a hit with everyone. The butter flavor really is apparent in these ones due to the lack of flavor that comes with brown sugar, but that isn't a bad thing at all. Buttery, crispy little bites of chocolate heaven!

Recipe Notes

The key to  crispy cookies is flattening them before baking!

Nutrition Information

Serving: 10g, Calories: 582kcal, Carbohydrates: 78g, Protein: 5g, Fat: 27g, Saturated Fat: 17g, Cholesterol: 70mg, Sodium: 553mg, Potassium: 52mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 52g, Vitamin A: 670IU, Vitamin C: 0.2mg, Calcium: 59mg, Iron: 2mg

All calories and info are based on a third party calculator and are only an estimate. Actual nutritional info will vary with brands used, your measuring methods, portion sizes and more.

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Reader Interactions

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  1. Charlotte says

    Hi from New Zealand! I just made these…I made it as per your recipe but with 1 exception…I didn’t use the chocolate chips. Instead I used macadamia nuts & white chocolate chunks. It didn’t quite come to 2 cups though – so I added approx 2/3rds of a cup of Rice Krispies. Utterly delicious & the rice krispies add a special taste & texture that I recommend you try too! Lovely recipe. I have put it into my 5 Star Recipe folder & look forward to trying with regular chocolate chips plus trying other variations such as with caramilk chocolate. Thank you!5 stars

    • Patricia Boyle says

      Delicious cookies. The whole family loved them. Lovely and crunchy. Great recipe thanks.5 stars

  2. Natalie says

    Unfortunately these did not turn out well for me. I followed the recipe exactly (very unlike me actually) and got some very very thin cookies that burned around the edges after just 8 minutes. Not sure what went wrong.

  3. Marie says

    I found the dough a little to dry to handle it kept falling apart..can I have added something wet..the cookies delicious..but a little more time consuming!

    • Karlynn Johnston says

      Add a little bit of milk or cream until it just comes together! Sometimes it depends on your butter and how much water content it has, some butter has less moisture in it than others. Just make up for it with a little milk!5 stars

  4. April says

    These turned out pretty good for me. I’m not a fan of thin & crispy cookies, but that’s how my husband prefers them so I plan on switching off recipes. He likes these. I found dipping my fingers in water and wiping them on the bottom of the glass for each dough ball worked best–otherwise the dough would stick to the glass or get soaked in water if I just dipped the glass. I used 1 cup chocolate chips and 3/4 cup toffee bits. I think they turned out a bit thinner than I would’ve liked but they’re for my husband anyway and he likes them thin! I used a small scoop (probably 1 Tbsp?) and mine baked in 8-9 minutes at 7,000 feet.4 stars

  5. Ananda says

    Kind of modified it for my needs: wheat instead of white flour, lemon lavendar instead of choco chips. Ghee instead of butter. And flax egg instead of egg. The mixture was too dry i thought so i added a bit more flax egg and sugar/ghee mixture. Also felt like having chewy cookies so i underbaked them and they were delicious hehe5 stars

  6. Tania says

    How much is a cup of butter for god’s sake?, How much is a cup of flour, 1 1/4 sugar. Its hard to bake precisely with this kind of measurements. Can you add weights please?

  7. Amy says

    I followed this recipe exactly as it was written. Unfortunately, the chocolate chip amount was too high. The cookies were very difficult to form and falling apart because there wasn’t enough dough to hold the chocolate chips in. I would recommend using less chocolate chips.5 stars

  8. R says

    How many cookies can you make exactly? Because 10 sounds a little less in comparison with all the ingredients.

    lovess5 stars

    • Karlynn says

      It’s a solid 2 dozen, the recipe card can be flakey sometimes.5 stars

  9. S says

    Best chocolate chip cookies ever!
    I’ve been baking for a very long time and I keep looking for different recipes to satisfy my chocolate chip cookie craving.
    This is it! Tastes so buttery, crispy, and i used dark chocolate chips because I prefer that. This was not dry at all as some comments mentioned. I also used less sugar.
    Excellent!5 stars

  10. Asia Ali says

    Hi does anyone know what flour to use? Is it slef raising or plain?5 stars

    • Suzie says

      ❤ We love these, have no trouble with dough being too dry at all. I didn’t flatten them, just scooped and they were a little thicker, I baked them in the oven 5 more minutes just in case. 🍪 Great crisp when cooled, going to cut sugar a little next time. I would like to know if I can freeze the dough? Thank you very much for the recipe, greetings from Chile 🤗5 stars

  11. Cheryl says

    I had heaps of compliments on this recipe, turned out wonderful but i omitted the 1/4 cup brown sugar completely and it still turned out amazing. My only question is – it’s only Day 3 now and the cookies have gone so much softer. How can i maintain that crisp ? Also, how long are the cookies good for on shelf after baking ? Should i keep in fridge for longer shelf life?

    I would like to also do 1 with chocolate batter- is it possible for me to add 80gms to 100gms of cocoa powder for the chocolate taste without changing the texture too much ?

    Waiting eagerly for your reply!


    Cheryl5 stars

    • Andrea Mexted says

      Hi, I just swapped 1/4 cup of flour for 1/4 cup of cocoa and it turned out great. And used white choc chips. 😋

  12. cindy in SC says

    During crazy stay-at-home [well my governor is a moron, so it’s not a rule here, but other than grocery store for us and my Mom (81) and MIL(77) I’ve been home since 3/11/2020]

    Anywhooo, my DH is a huge fan of crispy choc chip cookies.

    The recipe was delish exactly as stated … I used a hair less white sugar and a hair less butter. I did use both chips and chopped dark choc. Sadly our stores has no flour, so this may be my only batch for a while.

    Well done, and thanks.5 stars

  13. Lauren says

    I am always on the hunt for a crispy cookie that stays crispy and so far this one does! I didn’t have any issues with the dough being too dry at all; I used the spoon In and level off method for my flour. I like them and hopefully so will everyone else ?.4 stars

  14. Wanphen Ketchanchai says

    Do we have to add milk and do we use all purpose flour thanks!??

  15. Bob Lablaw says

    Made these last weekend. They were perfect as is and required no tweaking.5 stars

  16. Joanna Bowman says

    this recipe is like the one my mum used to make. Her recipe has long been lost. I loved the cookie!!!! Thank you for bringing back memories of my childhood. i will look for more of your recipes.5 stars

  17. Kathy says

    Great cookie, I used a little chocolate, white and butterscotch chips. The key was whipping the butter with the sugars till it is fluffy.. flattening the cookies made them crisp. This is now my go to cookie recipe.5 stars

  18. Cara says

    This is a fantastic receipe! Just baked it yesterday. Not only does my kitchen smells nice, the cookies turn out fantastic. Well loved by my family and friends.
    Thank you Karlynn for sharing such a wonderful recipe.

  19. joanne says

    I only like crisp cookies and I was thrilled to find your recipe. It is very good. Thank you.

  20. Tim Bixby says

    I was looking for a recipe for a cookie I’ve tasted in the past. The cookie was very airy yet crunchy. It was delicious. This is not that recipe. In fact, I thought I did something wrong because the dough was so dry I couldn’t really form it into balls. Then I read other reviews that had the same problem so either we all made the mistake or something else is wrong. I tried to bake 6 of the dry dough as an experiment but they fell apart. I added an egg to the rest of the dough and I was able to bake them. They’re ok but not what I was looking for.5 stars

    • Colin says

      Sugar could be less,over. Sweet.Love the crisp.4 stars

  21. Lisa says

    Wow! These cookies are just what I was looking for and absolutely perfect. Crunchy, buttery and delicious. Used Ghirardelli semi sweet chips and flattened them down by placing a folded piece of wax paper on top and using my hand. 10 mins seems to be just right. An absolute keeper. Might add some toasted pecans next time. Thanks for a great recipe!!5 stars

  22. Ash says

    Hey. These look amazing! How do you take your flour? Straight from the jar or sppon and levelled? Thanks!

  23. Aly says

    My husband prefers crunchy cookies and most recipes I find are for chewy. Tried this one and it came out perfect! I’m at sea level (hot and humid, but I turned on the AC). I had to stick the dough back in the fridge between batches because it became sticky and hard to work with, but otherwise the cookies came out terrific. Made them bite sized plus one huge (hand sized) cookie at my child’s request. For the bite sized, I tried it both flattened and left round. The flat ones were very crisp, the round ones were thicker and rounded, slightly soft in the middle and very crunchy outside. Will definitely make these again! Thank you!5 stars

  24. Neha Shah says

    These are excellent. If you want super crunch, use small cookie scoop, flatten and bake for 6 mins. If you want crunchy and soft, use medium scoop and bake for 9 mins.

    These are better than all the other cookies and we made them without eggs!5 stars

  25. Helen says

    i am an experienced baker and when I saw your recipe I thought THIS IS THE ONE! Alas and alack the dough was so incredibly dry I couldn’t even form the dough. I used a farm fresh size large egg and that’s the only liquid in the recipe. In desperation I added a wee bit of water to the mixture in order to be able to bake them. Not pleased so far except for the kitchen smells good. I will go back to my own reliable recipe now.

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