The Absolute Best Ever Twice Baked Stuffed Potatoes

I was craving stuffed potatoes with my marinated steak the other day, when it was plus 30 Celcius, have I mentioned our hottest day of the summer yet? ( yes Karlynn, you have…over…and over…and over again) It happened in September in these parts. Hello Global Warming. Anyways, as usual, I decided to make my own variation. These were born from the simple fact that I am on a cream cheese kick lately, wraps with cream cheese, crackers with cream cheese, cream cheese on top of cream cheese with a side of cream cheese… get the point. So I had to have cream cheese in them instead of the usual sour cream. And we all know my love affair with bacon.  And cheese. And green onions.

These were just bound to be good with ingredients like that. And they are…oh….are they ever, in fact the absolute best ever! In my humble opinion, of course.

Ingredients Needed

    4 large baking potatoes


    6-8 slices bacon


    1/4  cup sour cream


    1/2 cup of cream cheese


    1/2 cup milk


    1/2 cup of butter


    1/2 teaspoon seasoning salt


    1/2 teaspoon pepper


    1 cup or so of shredded Cheddar cheese


    green onions

Bake your potatoes nekkid, no foil,  in a 350 degree oven until soft. I used red potatoes, they worked fine, some people swear by only baking potatoes, you choose your poison.

Before you start cutting these, start your bacon cooking, chop it into little slices and cook in a pan.

Carve out the soft insides, as much as you want, and put it in the bowl. We eat the entire potato, so I actually like to leave some in the potato to hold the shape. I find then when you eat it, you can literally just carve off bites one at a time, instead of a mushy mess.

Add in your butter, sour cream and cream cheese. The cream cheese is what makes this so dang tasty, better than sour cream by itself. And we all know these aren’t low cal anyways!

This is where you have to gauge the creaminess of your potatoes. I actually did NOT put the milk in mine, they were ok as they were. Now you can add milk until they are the perfect texture for your palate.

Add in the seasoning salt, which is what make these so fantastic, and the pepper.

Your bacon should be done, so drain it.

Add the bacon and about half a cup of cheese into the mix. I used a Tex Mex mix which added a great flavor to them, you can use it as well or just plain cheddar.

Add in green onion to taste. While most recipes chop up the whole thing, I only use the milder green part, and what a difference it makes. It lends to a more chive flavor than potent onion.

Stuff those puppies up, and add the rest of the cheese on top. There is no way that I could only use half a cup of cheese on top, so that’s why I said “1 cup or so” of cheese. The more the better.

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes and enjoy the best dang hot, stuffed, masterpiece potatoes ever. I served these with sour cream sprinkled with a little seasoning salt, yes, seasoning salt, and it was fantastic.


Sounds good. Am wondering what kind of potato to buy; the ones that look as if they have a thick skin or the ones with a thin skin. I usually buy and use the little potatoes in a big; no peeling, cook quickly, but tomorrow I want nice filling ones for a couple of guys who eat a lot!


Thanks Karlynn great recipe, big hit with my dinner guests.


I will attempt to make these tonight for a dinner there any such thing as too much cheese?  It seems like alot of cheese.



Just a hint of what we'll be having for Christmas eve eve supper. 


Welcome to the site, DT! That's a great idea!

DT in Calgary
DT in Calgary

I commented about 20 minutes ago and now its gone - why?

DT in Calgary
DT in Calgary

Greetings from Calgary.  I can relate to the 30 degrees - we did have a summer this year!  


Just a note and a thought on the potatoes.  When I was a kid, low these many years ago in the fall when baker potatoes were cheap and plentiful my Mom and I used to do a twice stuffed potato (whatever recipe your favorite is) bee as it were and then ...we would put them on cookie sheets and freeze them.  Then when frozen, package or wrap to your preference - return them to the freezer for later use - gasp - even on a 30 degree day in September.   Just pop them in the oven from frozen at 350 for about 30-45 minutes depending on what the stuffing is and how dense they are.  They were fabulous and very quick and easy.  No one else seems to noted that they can be frozen and used later!  Thanks for your post/blog, I very much enjoyed it.  DT