This might actually have been a Bisquick recipe on a box at one point, but I learned it from my mom and it is scribbled on the inside of my huge master cookbook that my grandmother gave me about 15 years ago. It is simply the easiest and best quiche ever! I no longer bother making one with a crust and actually prefer this one.

This is an easy vegetarian recipe as well, just use your favorite veggies!

Ingredients for the Basic Quiche Mixture

1  1/3 cups of milk

3 eggs

3/4 cup Bisquick

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper pepper

1 1/3 cups of shredded cheese

kick the tires & light the fires to 400 degrees

I. Love. Cheese. Lots.

Now its time to choose your ingredients for the filling, so to say. You need anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 cups of veggies, meat or other to add to the base mixture.

I chose mushrooms, asparagus, bacon, and Canadian Bacon. I also love bacon. A lot.

Ok, time to get to work instead of gawking at food. If you are using bacon (and I highly suggest you do) you need to chop it and fry it up.

Unless I know I am making eggs and bacon, and that isn’t something we usually dish up in the morning, I immediately freeze all my bacon as soon as it gets home from the supermarket.

Why? Because it is infinitely easier to slice, and not only that, it slices absolutely beautifully.

Take your sharp knife and using the flat of your palm, press it through the bacon. You don’t slice, you put the blade in, and then just push it through to the cutting board. Repeat until its all sliced up.

Gorgeous. No strings, no uneven pieces, just sheer uniformity.Is that a word? Uniformity? It is now. Add it to the Magpie dictionary.

Fry it up!

Time to prepare the other fillings. Chop your veggies fairly small.

My mushrooms. I have this thing..I have to chop the very bottom off. Those bottoms..well, they kinda grow in..poop. And when I look closely..I just kinda gross myself out. So and now I will take a close-up picture and and gross you out with thoughts of what these delicate, scrumptious beauties grow in.

Then I slice them rather thin, after removing those bottoms.

Throw them into a microwave safe dish, and steam them for about 3 minutes. They won’t cook properly in the quiche if you don’t.

Cheese. I. Love. Cheese.

So take that cheese, and shred 1 1/3 cups of it.

Mix together your salt, pepper and Bisquick. Add it to your milk and stir it well Make sure there aren’t any lumps!

Crack your 3 eggs into that same bowl-there’s me whole hating to wash dishes- and whip them up.

Add them to the milk and Bisquick mixture and once again, make sure its stirred really well.

Those veggies should be all steamed up now.

Drain them well, you don’t want to add moisture to the mixture.

Time to drain your bacon. Putting the pieces onto paper towel to blot up the grease works wonders. And saves you that wee bit of fat that you just don’t need.

Bacon. Doesn’t do a body good, but we love it anyway.

Slice up the Canadian Bacon, which cooks just fine in the quiche without any pre-cooking.

Grease, and I mean grease very well, an 8×8 pan, then add in all your additions.

Take your cheese and add it into the liquid mix.

Pour it over your additions, don’t worry about mixing, it seeps through the holes between your ingredients just perfectly.

Like this. Its ready to pop into the oven for about 30 minutes at 400 degrees.

And when its done, its a wonderful, cheesy-crusty browned dish, perfect for a meal at any time of day, dinner included.