Mushroom Soup Baked Pork Chops and Rice

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Thick, juicy, tender pork chops and rice baked in a delicious mushroom soup sauce is my idea of of comfort food perfection! This retro recipe also uses a crushed cracker and cheddar cheese topping, one of my favorite things about it!

white bowl with tender pork chops and rice baked in a delicious mushroom soup sauce

Pork Chops and Rice

As you all know, I am a fan of everything that uses canned mushroom soup, and as we are in the middle of practicing social distancing, I’ve been asked by a lot of readers to whip up some pantry staples recipes to help them with ideas as we all hunker down and either self isolate or practice social distancing. This recipe is one that is great for pantry and freezer staples. If you are looking to make just a rice dish, try my Buttery Mushroom Rice and if you are looking for just soup and pork chops, try my Baked Pork Chops with Cream of Mushroom Soup.

a cup of converted rice

What Type of Rice to Use

I used converted rice, which has become my favorite but you can use regular long grain rice. Converted rice has more nutrients in it and cooks up less sticky than regular rice, so if you have a chance, give it a try!

rice, soup, water and soup mix whisk together using a red spatula

Choosing the Right Pork Chop

I have become more picky about my pork chops (I really don’t like them drying out too much in dishes) and this dish can be the worst one to dry out pork chops. I always get the super thick cut pork chops at Costco and make sure that they have a nice fat layer on the outside. Pork chop calories are low and they are a lean meat so getting a nice fat layer can be tough.

You can use boneless or bone in pork chops, it is your preference entirely.

Thin pork chops require a different cooking method, see my next paragraph for some more tips on how to make sure these cook properly!

placing the frozen pork chop and gently immersing it into the soup

Tips for Tender, Juicy Pork Chops

  • Put the pork chops in frozen. This extends the cooking time and is the single best trick for juicy pork! You have to plan ahead and freeze your chops in one layer in a bag so that you can pull them apart easily without defrosting.
  • Using thin pork chops :If you don’t have thick pork chops, I would start the rice cooking for an hour, THEN add in the frozen thin pork chops on top. Place them on top and then push them gently into the mixture.
  • As you see, I leave the fat on the edge of the pork chop, another trick to prevent them from drying out. Simply remove after cooking!
  • If you have defrosted pork chops, add them in an hour after cooking the rice, even if they are thick cut. Pork only has to be cooked to 145 °F now to be safe!

close up white bowl with tender pork chops and rice baked in a delicious mushroom soup sauce

You can always substitute in chicken in this recipe is it is more forgiving, especially since I usually use chicken thighs in my Mushroom Soup Chicken and Rice Casserole .

How is everyone doing today? How are things in your part of the world? Mike and I have hunkered down with the kids and pulled them out of school for the week before spring break and we are practicing social distancing.We were going to go to Vegas and cancelled that of course. I am stocked up on food for making recipes to entertain you all, Mike has alcohol galore to make you daily cocktails inspiration and we are here to entertain and take your mind off of everything. (and yes, we have toilet paper but I have two teenagers, we ALWAYS have extra toilet paper in the house! That’s just a given)

Remember, if you are lonely and you just need to talk and connect online with someone, send us an email, we are here for that! Drop a comment and we will respond. Everyone take care, be kind and stay healthy.



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These Mushroom Soup Baked Pork Chops and Rice are a one pot meal as they cook in a delicious ream of mushroom soup and rice casserole at the same time! A great budget friendly, family pleasing recipe!

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Mushroom Soup Baked Pork Chops and Rice

These Mushroom Soup Baked Pork Chops and Rice are a one pot meal as they cook in a delicious ream of mushroom soup and rice casserole at the same time! A great budget friendly, family pleasing recipe!
4.95 from 58 votes
Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
1 hour 30 minutes
Main Course
Karlynn Johnston


  • 4 thick cut pork chops frozen
  • 2 cups long grain or parboiled white rice
  • two 10.5 ounce cans condensed mushroom soup
  • three 10.5 ounce cans water use the empty cans from the soup
  • 2 tablespoons dry onion soup mix
  • 10 saltine crackers
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • parsley to garnish


  • Preheat your oven to 350 °F.
  • Whisk together the rice, soup, water and soup mix until the lumps in the soup are smoothed out and mixed in. To get three cans of the water, simply fill up the empty mushroom soup cans and use to measure. It also helps clean out the extra soup!
  • Pour into a large deep large lidded casserole dish or Dutch oven like I used. This recipe is too big for a 9x13 usually, with those thick chops.
  • Place your frozen pork chops on top of the rice and gently immerse the chops into the soup and cover it completely so that the pork chops don't dry out.
  • Cover with foil or a lid and cook for 1 1/2 hours OR until the rice is tender and the pork has reached a temperature of 145°F .
  • Remove from the oven and sprinkle the crackers, then the cheese on top. Return to the oven and broil for 2-3 minutes until the crackers are browned and the cheese has melted.
  • Remove and serve.

Recipe Notes

  • Using frozen pork chops is my trick to keeping them juicy! The rice is going to take longer to cook, so using frozen chops lets them slowly cook.
  • See my notes in the post for using thinner pork chops, or defrosted pork chops.
  • The calories are counted using all the rice, which is more like 8 portions. We always have extra rice, which is fabulous reheated the next day!

Nutrition Information

Calories: 702kcal, Carbohydrates: 82g, Protein: 44g, Fat: 20g, Saturated Fat: 10g, Cholesterol: 119mg, Sodium: 626mg, Potassium: 673mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 1g, Vitamin A: 283IU, Calcium: 244mg, Iron: 2mg

All calories and info are based on a third party calculator and are only an estimate. Actual nutritional info will vary with brands used, your measuring methods, portion sizes and more.

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I’m a busy mom of two, wife & cookbook author who loves creating fast, fresh meals for my little family on the Canadian prairies. Karlynn Facts: I'm allergic to broccoli. I've never met a cocktail that I didn't like. I would rather burn down my house than clean it. Most of all, I love helping YOU get dinner ready because there's nothing more important than connecting with our loved ones around the dinner table!

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Reader Interactions

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  1. Chelsea says

    The rice was good but the taste of the pork chop was gross. No flavor and even salt and pepper at the end couldn’t fix. Do it over again without the chops.3 stars

  2. Angela says

    Thank you for this recipe. My grocery store just had thick pork loin chops with bone and a thick strip of fan along the side for 97 cents a pound. Bargain I know so I stocked up. I hadn’t made this recipe in years and couldn’t remember the measurements of soup, rice and water. When I found your recipe I was so excited to make this for my husband and his brother who lives with us. Im making it tonight. I love, love, love this recipe!!!

    I also wanted to say how awesome you and your husband are to extend your human kindness to other during these times of uncertainty. Thank you, the world needs more people to stop and think how others are doing and how they can helps. Opening our hearts costs us nothing but could be priceless to others. Thank you again!!!!! God bless.5 stars

  3. Adrian Loewen says

    Thanks for the recipe. Forgot how to do them, so glad to find such a nice and simple recipe!

    For mine, I used half the water suggested here (ie 1:1) and it was good. The pork chops (I used thinner ones) and soup make up the additonal water more than sufficiently in the traditioinal 2:1 rice making rule.4 stars

  4. Ellie says

    Tried this for supper tonight and I have to say it was not very good! followed the recipe to a T and yet the rice was mushy and the pork chops were not done. Now I am stuck with a lot of mushy rice and chops that probably will get thrown away. The best thing was the cracker & cheese topping!

  5. Roger Chemel says

    Judas Priest! I want to print the recipe and instructions not the entire web page. If you don’t how to do this, ask how to do it. What a waste of paper!!!

    • Mr. Kitchen Magpie says

      Then print the recipe card since that works fine for everyone. Simply click the print icon?

    • Boohoo says

      I just read it from my phone. Stop being a very baby.

  6. Jodie Reeves says

    Can I use instant rice instead of long grain rice? Looking for easy reciepe

  7. Bobbie says

    Could you possibly make one of the simplest comfort food recipes ANY more complicated?!

  8. Clarence S. says

    More than enough room to cook in a 9×13.
    Added some of the cheese to the sauce, it was AWESOME!!!
    The chops were very tender.

    • Jarrod Davis says

      DO NOT COOK FOR 2 HOURS!!! I looked the recipe over and that’s way too long! Also, reduce 2 cups of rice to 1½ cups and use 2 cups of water with 2 10.5 oz cream of mushroom soup. Cook THAWED pork chops for 1 hour 15 minutes at 375⁰. Check internal temperature to ensure its at least 145⁰ (pork chops will continue to cook as they rest).
      This is the best way to perfect this recipe. Hope this help y’all!

      • WinterpegMan says

        Thanks – this looks like a way better method . I will be making this again with your amounts etc.

        I made this a month or so ago and used 1.75 cups rice, thawed chops…and it was very tasty. BUT told myself next time to try and make the rice more moist (less rice or more liquid).

        We will know in couple of hours 🙂

  9. Terri says

    I followed recipe and used frozen thick cut pork chops but very dry and tough when finished..bummed!

  10. Denise Strom says

    I brined my pork chops for 45 minutes first. 1 TBLS per cup of water. Because I made 7 large chops I doubled the gravy ingredients ( Cr o mushrooms) and aso 2 TBLS of oil for Browning so many, two at a time. Served with the sauteed mushrooms noted in this recipe link! Talk about AMAZING! Just found TWO GO TO RECIPES! OFFICIALLY on rotation. I also served with million dollar rice and they all paired well together! I’m impressed… smile5 stars

  11. Susan says

    I’m making the mushroom soup pork chops. Thick ones frozen. I followed the recipe to the tee but the chops are still pink all over. Didn’t even register on my thermometer. Now the rice is cooked. Help…what did I do wrong?

    • Adrian Loewen says

      Best to use thawed chops, or else cook at lower temp for longer with less water. See my tip above.

  12. Unhappy says

    Worse thing I’ve ever cooked. A mush and pork chops were tough as nails

  13. Deborah Wales says

    I’ve never put crackers and cheese on top but am trying it now with cheez-it crackers and shredded cheese.

  14. Linda Giesbrecht says

    I would like to make this recipe for dinner tonight. You mention to add the thawed chops to the rice mixture one hour after the rice has been cooking. Does that mean the chops only cook for 1/2 an hour (or until they reach the recommended temperature)? Also, can I brown the chops prior to adding to the rice mixture? When do you add the crackers and cheese topping?

  15. marita horbay says

    where do i find the note about using thawed porkchops???

    • Tina Peloso-Ulreich says

      Did you ever get an answer to your question about using fresh or defrosted pork chops?

  16. Marlene Struble says

    I usually do them with tomatoes an slice of onion on each .tried your recipe an its delicious

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