Magpie’s Favorite Recipes of 2010: Top 5 Comfort Foods

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This has been buzzing around the back of my brain like a fly trying to land on your picnic plate, circling around…looking for the best spot to start eating..or in my case, to start writing.

I have too many favorites to list, in fact, if I don’t like a recipe I have tried, it actually never gets posted at all on the site. So they are all my “favorites” to some degree.

I also love recaps, rehashing things, never letting things just lie in the past like they should, basically with recipes, I am a dog with a bone.

There’s a lot of hyperbole’s going on in this post. So I’ll just stop with the exaggerating – but perhaps it isn’t- and just say:

Recipe reminiscing rocks my socks.

Today:  My Top 5 Comfort Foods of 2010

Because I am sick with a rotten dang cold and I cannot stop thinking about them. And I happen to be eating one of them at the moment.

This one, Magpie’s Kitchen Sink Chili.  It is a staple in this house, with all the vegetables and beans in it. Healthy and heart and hot, and it’s just perfect right now.

Magpie's Kitchen Sink Chili in a Triangular Bowl

I am picking up a pot roast tomorrow and making my 9 Hour Pot Roast. My mouth is watering, I never should have started writing this post, all I want is to make them all right now. And yup, my idea of a comfort food is a pot roast. This post roast falls off the bone, flakes apart with your fork and is a wonder to behold.

My sister makes this almost weekly since I made this, in her crockpot and comes home from work to a fantastic roast. I cannot even describe in words how amazing the meat is after 9 hours of slow cooking.

Try it, you won’t regret it.

pot roast in a plate with vegetables

Chicken Cacciatore.  Three of my family members eat the chicken and sauce, one the sauce and veggies, it is so full of win to have all 4 of us eating the same meal. Or versions of.

Listen, a two pot meal is the eighth wonder of the world in this house. The Holy Grail, Nirvana, whatever you want to call it.

I call it full of win.

Chicken cacciatore on top of rice in a plate

Cornish Game Hen Soup. With my garlic biscuits. Unique enough to serve for guests with pride, easy and hot.Healthy too, full of wild rice, veggies and lean game hen.

Can someone please just come over and cook this for me?

Cornish Game Hen Soup and Garlic Biscuits

And lastly, homemade dumplings that you can do in the crockpot, aptly named Crockpot Dumplings. Stew is another regular meal around here because one child will eat only veggies and dumplings and sauce, the other only meat because she hates soft carrots –who, in this ever lovin’ world, hates soft carrots? WHO I ask you!-while the parents are normal. This is a one pot meal for all of us, thanks to being able to throw dumplings on top in the crockpot.

Crock pot Dumplings on soup concoction

So there they be.  Chili, pot roast, chicken Cacciatore, Cornish game hen soup and crockpot dumplings.

Now who’s going to come over and make this sickie some soup?

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  1. A Canadian Foodie says

    I am still laughing! I will! I will! I will come over and cook it for you… but it will have to be next week – and I hope you are not sick then!!! What a great read. If you were my student, I would be so proud!
    Your top 5 are completely unique. Except the chili and the stew and the roast. Few would have the game hen or chicken Cacciatore on their top 5. I have to get Vanja into “my” chili more. His country food is what (and almost all) he likes and chili to him is… you know it and you have made it… bean soup – I forget how to spell it – pasoula. Something like that.
    Anyway, you have me thinking.
    Not about my top 5 posts, but what are the top 5 things I make… and that would be for him, as the adults in this family are NOT normal. He is picky and I cannot eat meat. SO, hmmm…
    believe it or not – one of the favourite things I accomplished this year for my mom and dad’s 60th was to learn how to make chicken cordon bleu with EASE. Yes, it is such a retro recipe – who bothers… now I am seeing veggies and cheese wrapped in the breast, etc – but, if you can’t wrap a breast, you can’t wrap a breast. I figured it out WITHOUT toothpicks and after Vanja had one, he is hooked. So, retro is back, at our house. That would definitely be one dish (yet to post – but, it is ready to go – if I ever am)
    Two: cured pork belly confit with braised purple cabbage. Another dish I may not make regularly, but WHAT a treat and what an accomplishment for me… and I am pretty sure I will be sure to always have it on hand in the freezer… made. Thank you Kevin Kossowan. It is that good. Hmmm. Third would have to be ro… ro… (small straight round rolled pasta with a hole) with Chirozo sausage and San Marzano tomatoes with lots of garlic. That is definitely a last minute go-to hit for him. Minute steak. It is true. If I have nothing to make for dinner, I pull out a minute steak and I have a happy husband. Mashed potatoes, fried mushrooms, a salad. He is set. And last. What would it be? Oh, definitely my garlic stuffed prime rib. That is a Sunday Meal we all love (I love licking my fingers) and – there are 6… ribs. Baby Back ribs with chipotle sauce OR a dry rub in the sous vide. That is his new favourite. There. I have enjoyed our chat – I should have called. I almost wrote a complete post. I love thinking out loud.
    BIG HUG for the new year and all the surprises that await!

  2. Blackbird says

    In defense of the Princess, soft carrots are pretty gross.

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