Writing a Post.

Keep in mind that this is a guideline. There will be instances when you will need to write longer posts, but this is the bare minimum required. For instance, you may add more than one highlight block to a post, extra paragraphs for additional information, etc.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS WHAT INFO DOES THE READER NEED. How are we helping them understand exactly how to make the recipe.

When editing old recipes, the recipe card HAS to be looked at. The old recipes are missing info, steps, etc. Take out the word “of” that appears in the ingredients sometimes. Read the comments to see what we screwed up the first time, readers will leave comments asking “where is the sour cream mixed in?” This will help show where the mistakes are. You have to look at the ingredients

Use the guide below.

Start with an introductory paragraph. Something like this:

The next block you’ll be adding is very important. We will be adding this to make our Why I Think You’ll Love This Recipe section which you’ll see on posts such as our Texas Sheet Cake. When finished it looks like this:

Here’s how you make it.

You can find this by clicking ‘+‘, clicking browse all and selecting this block:

Initially it would look like this:

That’s fine. Watch this video to see how to use it.

Don’t worry about the colours not matching or anything like that, that is handled when you publish the post. Just copy the steps above and that’s all you need to do.

The author highlight block goes after the initial paragraph as shown here:

Eventually, we will be adding personal photos to it but for the interim, you’ll put a photo that is different from the one pictured in the header:

The Header:

If you can’t find a different one, use the same image for now.

Now you’ll add another paragraph such as this one:

Next up is the highlight block, which you’ve already been doing but we’ve changed some things like adding background colours.

Block name: Highlight Block

You can find this by clicking ‘+‘, clicking browse all and selecting this block:

You can change the background colours of your highlight blocks too. Play the video below to see how:

Do this to mix things up if you use multiple highlight blocks in a single post. For instance, in a post discussing cinnamon, I chose a Red background where on a post with Ham I chose pink. It doesn’t really matter nor do you have to match to the food or anything, that’s just an idea. The colours exist to give us some variety.

Now do another paragraph:

Then insert a vertical image like this:

Next up, you are going to do a list which we want to keep very summarized. Look at the recipe card and summarize it into no more than 3-4 points so it looks like this:

You can find this by clicking ‘+‘, clicking browse all and selecting this block:

Now change it to a numbered list (see video below):

Now add another image.

It’s now time for the Author Highlight Block. (note: this is being changed slightly so it may look slightly different in a few days but for now it looks like this and these steps will remain the same).

Block Name: Author Highlight

You can find this by clicking ‘+‘, clicking browse all and selecting this block:

This is used for areas like Karlynn’s Tips

Here’s how it will look when done.

Now finish up with a closing paragraph and sign off.


This next part is very important!

Once you have written your post completely, you need to group your titles and paragraphs together. This includes any lists outside of highlight blocks, such as the how to make the recipe. Doing this ensures that ads will not break up the content after it’s published.

Here’s how you do this (note, this will not work on your first paragraph because the heading is the post title) but it will work on every other paragraph or list.

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