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STOP. DROP. AND COOK these Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings.

I mean it. Make these absolutely RIGHT NOW.

This is me bossing you around. Go to the store, get thee some chicken wings and make these this weekend.


I am so excited to share this recipe with you guys that I am typing this up as fast as my wee fingers can. I have a pile of kids Cub camping gear to pack, my own things to pack for this weekend and a dirty kitchen (well, that’s nothing new) and I am seriously ignoring my mile long To-Do list in order to get this recipe to you STAT.

Do any of you like the salt and pepper squid from most Chinese restaurants? It is the one thing that my sister and I agree on when it comes to food. She hates anything spicy, but will eat that squid.

These wings mimic that squid – minus the breading!



I have been looking for a mind-blowing Salt and Pepper Chicken Wing recipe for as long as I can remember.


This is it.

Just look. And drool.


Now, I try not to be bossy.

But I am.

You pin this recipe RIGHT NOW, you hear me?

Do. Not. Lose. This. Recipe.



These wings are so simple that I literally had all the ingredients in the fridge. The addition of sesame oil, green onions and garlic is brilliant.

Sure, maybe some of you knew this already. I didn’t. This is a slightly Asian inspired take on Salt and Pepper Chicken Wing and it makes all the difference. A big thanks to Des from Life’s Ambrosia for the base idea for these wings!saltandpepperhickenwings1

Now you. Reader you. Go and get the ingredients for these and make them this weekend. This is a large recipe that makes approximately 36 wings, so enough for 6 people to have as a snack.

I also have a high salt ratio, as I like salty, salty wings. If you want less salt, leave out one teaspoon. Mike and I had these for dinner and then ate them the next day as well.Do you even want to know how they tasted cold?

Better than hot. Oh em gee you guys, the best cold chicken I have ever eaten! The flavors just soaked in overnight and well.. it took all my willpower to leave some for Mike for his lunch. Don’t be scared of red pepper flakes, that is a classic combination – sesame oil and red pepper flakes, just like my favourite Chinese dishes!

Happy cooking!

Love you more than chocolate,


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The most amazing Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings I have ever made. The ingredients are simple, delicious & in your fridge! Check out my photos & instructions! recipe from @kitchenmagpie


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Amazing Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
30 mins
Amazing, mind-blowing salt and pepper chicken wings. Green onion, garlic and sesame oil make these the most amazing wings you will ever eat.
Course: Appetizer
Author: Karlynn Johnston
  • 3 pound party wings approx. 36 wings
  • 3 teaspoon salt
  • 4 teaspoons crushed black pepper
  • 4 teaspoons sesame oil
  • 5 cloves garlic chopped
  • 4 green onions diced
  •  chili pepper flakes optional but the heat is nice!
  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
  2. Combine salt and pepper together in a bowl. Place chicken wings on a lightly oiled baking sheet. Sprinkle the wings with the salt and pepper, then shake on the baking tray to cover completely.
  3. Bake for 15 minutes then turn and bake for another 15-20 minutes until crispy and cooked through. We like our wings very crispy.
  4. As soon as the wings are close to being done, heat the sesame oil in a skillet over medium heat then add the garlic and onions. (jalapeno as well if you are adding it in.)
  5. Cook until the garlic has browned slightly.
  6. Remove chicken wings from oven and place in a large bowl.
  7. Toss the chicken wings with the garlic oil until completely coated.
  8. Place on a serving platter, spooning any leftover garlic oil over the top.
  9. Serve and enjoy!
Nutrition Facts
Amazing Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings
Amount Per Serving (6 g)
Calories 0
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.



Hey guys, I'm Karlynn! Welcome to The Kitchen Magpie, my website full of family friendly recipes, cocktails & homesteading tales of chickens & cows from the family farm! Make sure to check out my bestselling cookbook, Flapper Pie & a Blue Prairie Sky ,stay tuned for info on my second cookbook!


  1. These are by far the best wings, I would give this recipe more stars if I could! My husband loves wings and he said this was by far his favorite recipe.

  2. Just wondering how these woud be made the day before they are served and just reheated.

  3. Hoky cow! I mean, chicken! This was soooooo good I wish I made a bigger batch. My husband loved it too. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  4. This recipe is fantastic. I made a double batch for a special birthday celebration last night. It was a major crowd pleaser (no jalepeno’s used).

    I do have a question. What kind of oil do you generally recommend with the 450 degree baking temp? I used Avocado oil because it has a high smoking point, but was curious what you use because it is not noted in the recipe.

    Great job!

  5. gaynor harrison Reply

    WOW! made this tonight. Didn’t change anything. Fab-u-larse !!

  6. Tiff's Twisted Kitchen Reply

    I’ve made a lot of Salt & Pepper wings over the years, that were fried and coated in flour/cornstarch. Look forward to trying a cleaner method. QUESTION: Do you use fresh wing/drumettes from the meat counter or Frozen?

  7. Perfect recipe for a quick, delicious dinner! Wow, I couldn’t believe how easy and delicious these were – with such simple ingredients, baked and not deep-fried! My 3 (fussy) kids devoured them.

  8. AutumnArchambeaultCrupe Reply

    Do you use just plain, frozen uncooked wings for this and bake them from frozen?

  9. Sheryl L McDonald Reply

    I still have to try these. I want to try your salt and pepper ribs too!

    • Sheryl L McDonald Reply

      I did make your bbq rib recipe. PERFECT! i love the bbq sauce/water bath. Definitely infuses the flavor right in. Best ribs i’ve ever made!

  10. Terry Balaban Reply

    I agree been making this for years and really enjoy them

  11. WOW! Made these last night and they are amaaaaazing! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many wings in one sitting before! Thanks for the recipe!

  12. Hi Karlynn, I made these wings tonight OMG OMG OMG!!!  The name says it all AMAZING!!!  So good & simple to make. Thank you for this recipe, looking forward to making more of your recipes.

    • thekitchenmagpie Reply

      @CeeCee AWESOME! This is why I am so bossy and want everyone that reads this recipe to MAKE THEM haha! They are still #1 in our house, no matter how many wings recipes I make. Thanks for letting me know that you liked them! 

  13. HeatherGriffin1 Reply

    No lie. best. ever. Thank you so much. My husband would make this dry rub with about 17 herbs and spices, it would take forever and THESE ARE BETTER. He’s a bit miffed, but it’s worth it 😉 lol

    • thekitchenmagpie Reply

      HeatherGriffin1 LOL how did I miss this comment? That’s hilarious!! Poor guy, all that work when it’s really simple!

  14. Tania Brunet Reply

    These are excellent! I’ve made them twice now and both times were a hit!

  15. LindaCovello Reply

    These have totally become my go to chicken wing recipe. They are a special treat for “Walking Dead” eating…you are da bomb for sharing this recipe. 

    • HeatherGriffin1 Reply

      LindaCovello Perfect. I felt like a chef…tossing them after the fact. JUST brilliant.

  16. I cooked these tonight and they were absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  17. SashaHoney Reply

    Wow! I do not know where to start. Well first of all a big thanks to you for posting this recipe! 

    I cannot believe how authentic these wings taste! I’ve spent a small fortune on S&P Chicken Wings from our local Chinese so to be able to make these wings as good as (Or forgive me for boasting, but better than!) the takeaway is mind blowing to me! 

    I cannot wait to show these off to all of my family and friends. My daughter was so impressed by me last night when I made these I felt so proud! 😀

    As you can see by the photo they turned out fabulous! 

  18. The Kitchen Magpie Reply

    They are plain, but only one of my picky eaters will eat them. Depends on the kid entirely!

  19. Carmin Misner Reply

    New to your blog and page, excited about a few things I’ve checked out already, and love that you’re an Alberta girl too!

  20. Merrianne Hrycin Reply

    Always looking for new chicken wing recipes. And this one is so simple. Can’t wait to try.

  21. We loved these wings so tasty, I added a touch of ginger and it takes them to a whole new level of flavour.

  22. Alfeezgirl Reply

    Well I’m new to this site, but OH BABY!  Yes!  This recipe for wings is the bomb!!  That’s all, just the bomb!  Easy as can be and tasty as ever!!  Thanks for being bossy!

    • thekitchenmagpie Reply

      @Alfeezgirl I am SO glad that you liked them!! Welcome to the site, I hope you find many more recipes that you love! 

  23. 1DragonObserves Reply

    My husband and I loved this recipe. However my son did not. Do you have any kid friendly food recipes?

    • thekitchenmagpie Reply

      1DragonObserves My trick is to cook part of the meal plain for my picky eater.  Most kids will eat plain chicken wings roasted, no problem. Making pasta? Leave aside some plain for them to have with butter. Eventually they will start eating the same as you, but for now, it’s best to eat what you like and leave a portion plain, unsauced, etc for them!

  24. Ethel MacDonald Reply

    I have all ingredients except the wings of course. I will let you know how it goes 🙂

  25. Ethel MacDonald Reply

    Bookmarked this! The best salt and pepper wings I ever had were at a scottish pub in Edmonton (I forget the name) when I used to live there. The waitresses wore kilts (rather shorts ones….). I will have to give these a go.

  26. Sarah [] Reply

    These were SO great, thanks! I thought I would maximize my salt & pepper so I just tossed them in a bowl….but I will follow the instructions as is next time because they were AWESOME but definitely too seasoned, just going to sprinkle instead of toss. Thanks!

      • PatBerrigan Reply

        @Karlynn Johnston  I make my own organic lemon pepper seasoning (no salt) and want to try this recipe with my seasoning!

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