mincemeat pie recipe

Nothing says Christmas like a mincemeat pie recipe. Every time I talk about mincemeat, someone invariably asks me “Oh, do you make your own?” and I reply “No, President's Choice does.”

I do not make my own mincemeat so this is a complete cheater mincemeat pie recipe. There are a few things at Christmas that I spend the time making and enjoy it. Mincemeat is not one of them. To be honest, I have lost my taste for mincemeat – we won't talk about why- and I just don't have it in me to tackle something that I don't even enjoy any more. Oh, I could be a good wife and attempt my own but here's another dirty little secret: Mike would be horrified if he actually knew what real mincemeat was like.

Real mincemeat traditionally has meat. Not just suet as most people are aware but meat.  There are still a lot of traditionalists that use beef or venison in their mincemeat pies. This recipe looks close to what my Grandma would have made, with venision. I just don't have it in me.


So this Magpie makes a cheater mincemeat pie recipe.

Cheater Mincemeat Pie Recipe


one jar of your favorite mince meat or a home-made recipe
one pie crust for a 9 inch pie

Prepare your bottom pie crust in the 9 inch pie plate.

Pour in the mincemeat from the jar.

Top the pie with the remaining crust, crimp the edges sealed and mark your pie vents.

Bake at 350 until the pie crust is beautifully browned and perhaps covering the edges if they tend to get too brown too fast in your oven.

Remove from the oven and cool.

That's. It.

mincemeat pie recipe

So mincemeat is something I happily give up making for Christmas. Christmas can be so stressful that you have to let some things go and not feel guilty about it. I find that every year I am simplifying Christmas more and more, from the children's gifts to not having an annual open house any more to my baking.

I also am finding that I'm getting less run down and enjoying the holiday season just that much more. I'm sticking with tried and true traditions, making my grandma's Christmas Pudding with my kids, baking my shortbread and butter tarts to gift to friends.

My trim-the-stress list would be:

-no more open house at my place. I'll just go and visit other people.

– more meaningful gifting

– not even feigning an interest in making real mincemeat.

– not making shells for my butter tarts, instead Superstore No Name has beautiful, hydorgenated oil free ones that bake beautifully

So what do you give up for Christmas in order to have a calmer, more stree free season?


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      LindaBl63487293 Hi Linda, because it’s pre-cooked filling, you bake until the crust is brown. I didn’t put a time since this will be different in everyone’s ovens. You bake until it’s browned.

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