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Hi there! I’m Mike Johnston.

If this is your first time visiting The Kitchen Magpie, welcome. If you’ve come here looking for web design for bloggers, you are in the right place. I offer web design services for bloggers and companies who are looking for low cost, high result web design services.

Sure, sure Mike, everyone’s a website designer. I can hear you saying it. What makes you different from the other guys?

First, I’m a professional blogger, unlike most web designers that simply build blogs and don’t actually have to run a website full-time, day in and day out.  Let’s face it, I have learned many a hard lesson over10 years of developing, designing and running my own website, CMS Critic (which is my real day job, you might say, I just moonlight for cocktails over here on The Kitchen Magpie) and 9 years of the constant updates and redesigns that Karlynn requires here on The Kitchen Magpie.

Second, I have run CMS Critic for many years and as part of that job, I review web design software like WordPress and recommend solutions for people. As a result, I have to constantly keep up on the industry and am very well versed in the latest trends, design styles and the like.

Over the many years (and those l mistakes that I’ve made) I’ve learned how to do one thing well: produce great looking, functional websites. I also realized that people are still completely overcharging for website design for bloggers, something I learned in my many years of consulting on website projects from large to small. Bloated, crazy websites are a thing of the past; a sleek, fast and clean website for your blogging needs should not cost a fortune anymore.

Some of my clients include:

  • (On this one, I helped them find the software to power their website and provided advice)
  • Hockey Canada (I consulted on the CMS selection and paired them with a vendor)
  • My wife (this website you are on.. it’s why I now do cocktails to maintain my sanity)
  • Hansen Distillery
  • My website,
  • Kari Skelton of
  • Nicole Ebbesen Rowan of

In most of the cases above, I also designed the logos and graphics.  I considered adding a portfolio to this page but I figured it’s better that I share the link to the website with you so you can see for yourself how quick and visually striking they are.

I’ve got plenty more in the queue and once they are finished, they’ll be added here too.

If you are looking for a visually attractive, fast, optimized blog that will last for years to come and is built on the latest technologies, you’ve found the right guy. I also can help with website issues and tweaks. If you want someone to run through your website and fix issues that I see, this is another service I offer, just reach out and tell me how I can help.

Use the form below to let me know what I can help with and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

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