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Mini Chicken Pot Pies

I apparently have a deep love for mini chicken pot pies. I’ve made my biscuit topped mini chicken pot pies which are now a family favorite and yet again, I’ve delved into the land of mini chicken pot pies again.

Part of the reason I am now on recipe #2 for mini chicken pot pies is that it’s my absolute favorite thing to do with leftover chicken. The chickens I cook are huge, 8 pound Hutterite chickens that always have so many leftovers I don’t know what to do with them. Yes, you can make a chicken salad, or soup, but my favorite is still to chop it up and  bake it into a pie. Which is why I am posting a chicken pot pie recipe in June. To be fair, I do live in Alberta, it’s done nothing but rain for the last month and chicken pot pies have suited the dismal weather more than a happy spring strawberry pie has.

While making up my Tenderflake Recipe For Pie Crust, I had asked my readers  on Facebook  and Twitter to give me fast ideas on what to make for dinner that night with the chicken breast that I had. Some one far smarter than me piped up with the response of  “chicken pot pie.”


A light bulb went off in my head.

When I was at BlogHer Food, I was given a few samples of the Progresso recipe starters, which came home with me and were put into the pantry. I remembered that I had a garlic one, which was perfect for chicken pot pie. Lo and behold, the can had its own recipe for chicken pot pie.

After a day of frying my mini Apple Fried Pies, playing around with pie crust, I was ready for a quick meal.

Ingredients Needed:

1 can Progresso Recipe Starters creamy roasted garlic sauce
1/4 cup of flour
1/2 teaspoon poultry seasoning
2 cups of steamed vegetables
1 1/2 cups of chopped, cooked chicken

Recipe of your choice for pie crust, you are using only half

Kick the tires and light the fires to 425 degrees

I had all sorts of beautiful fresh vegetables to use in the pie, so I quickly steamed fresh corn, carrots and snap peas to use.


In a saucepan, whisk together the sauce, flour, seasoning and a dash of salt and pepper until it’s smooth. Add in your vegetables of choice and then bring to a boil, making sure to whisk the sauce so it doesn’t burn. Add in the chicken.

Fill up four 4 inch ramekins, which exactly uses the sauce up.

I used a pretty scalloped edge cookie cutter to cut out 4 circles, each being a 4 inch diameter.

Place on top of each mini chicken pot pie and press down slightly at the edge.


The lovely thing about these pies is that the sauce, chicken and vegetables are already cooked, so what you are doing is baking the pie crust up nice and flaky.

Until it looks like this.

Happy Pie Day everyone!

I hope all my Canadian friends have a fantastic long weekend! Happy Canada Day everyone! Enjoy the parades, the food and the time off work!


There’s a Canada Day Cake In My Near Future Magpie


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