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Today’s pie day brings with it coffee. The needs for lots and lots of coffee.

We are a crazy travelling  family circus this weekend, only the kids and I, to visit my parents in Airdrie. The kids have a 3 day weekend thanks to a school PD day and I haven’t been out to visit my parents in a long, long time thanks to the cook off taking up so much of my spare time.


We arrived last night at around 6 but that didn’t stop my children from already getting into everything they possibly could out at Nana and Papa’s acreage.

Papa was soon delegated to pull out bikes from the magic tickle trunk that old farm barns can be.

The Princess was out loving up the barn cat and Arthur the horse, getting her fill of animals while she can.

Mr K was busy trying to break a leg/arm/skull by climbing the hay bales. I swear he is gauging the beams in the barn ceiling to see how and where he can climb further to freak his mother out.

I won’t tell him his mother used to do far more dangerous things and lived. I would have already been in the rafters, hanging above everyone thinking I was hilarious.

His mother has become far to citified, I’m afraid. Rarely do you catch me hanging from rafters anymore.

After hours of adventures last night and my children not getting to sleep until well after 10 pm – this just does not happen in our house on a regular basis – this is what Mama Magpie needed this morning.

Straw included.

After a lovely visit with an old friend in Crossfield this morning, it’s time to get my pie post out for the day. Last week I whipped up a lemon cream pie with a spice cookie crust and it all happened because I had a bag of lemons to use up.  Most people would go straight for a lemon meringue but to be honest – and here again goes my street cred as a food blogger-  I don’t like the meringue on lemon meringue pie. The part where the pie meets the meringue always gets gluey and I literally cannot stand it, I literally shudder thinking about it.

So I had to think of something else to make and usually lemon cream pies have some cream cheese in them or perhaps a dollop of sour cream.

I just wanted whipped cream mixed with lemon curd at the right moment, then topped with my lemon whipped cream and some sort of zingy cookie crust.

And here it is.

Ingredients Needed:

2 tbsp grated lemon zest
2/3 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 1/2 tbsp cornstarch
1/2 cup of butter
3/4 cup of white sugar
5 egg yolks
1 cup of whipped cream

2 cups crushed Simple Pleasures Spice Snaps , 1-2 crushed cookies for topping
1/3 cup and 2 tbsp melted butter

Lemon Whipped Cream Ingredients

1 cup of whipping cream
2 tbsp white sugar
1 tbsp lemon zest
2 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp unflavored gelatin (optional)


To prepare the pie crust, mix together the crushed cookies and melted butter, then press into a 9.5 inch pie plate. I like a really nice, thick crust on my cream pies and this is enough to make a great crust. Refrigerate while you are making the pie filling.

These tea cookies are my favorite of all to snack on,the spice is lovely in them and it’s not quite as tongue burning as gingersnaps can be. The flavor was delicate but strong enough to match the lemon filling it’s paired with.

Whisk the cornstarch into the lemon juice completely while it’s cold (thus no lumps) and add in the grated lemon zest as well.

Put the butter and sugar in now as well and heat on a medium burner.Bring to a boil, stirring constantly and let boil for a minute. Remove from the heat.

Take the egg yolks and whisk them until they are light yellow.

You now need to temper the eggs, which means you take some of the hot liquid from the pot and whisk it into the egg yolks.

By doing this you can then whisk the yolks into the pot of hot liquid safely, without lumps forming, so once you temper the egg yolks,  whisk those egg yolks into the hot mixture completely.

Cool for an hour or so until it starts to become nice and thick. You don’t want it to set completely, you have to fold in the whipped cream so if it’s too thick you can’t properly mix it in.

In a medium-size mixing bowl using an electric mixer, whip the heavy cream until soft peaks form.

Gently fold the whipped cream into the lemon curd completely and scrape the filling into the prepared pie shell. Cover the pie with plastic wrap and refrigerate it.

If you are doing whipped cream on top without stabilizer, cover up the pie with plastic wrap and refrigerate until it’s set, about 4-6 hours. You will have to have the pie ready to serve before you take on this next step.

I wanted to have a topping that was firm, wouldn’t weep and cut nicely, retaining its pretty shape. In order to do that with whipped cream, you add gelatin to it, which is stabilizing the whipped cream. This step can be completely ignored if you wish to top this pie right before you serve it with whipped cream.

If you want to have a stabilized whipped cream, you will have to bloom your gelatin. This is done by taking your tsp of unflavored gelatin, mixing it with one tbsp cold water in a microwave safe container and letting it sit for a minute.  After this you microwave it on high for about 15 seconds- in my microwave at least- so it becomes a nice liquid gelatin, ready to pour into the whipped cream. Let it cool for a while, but not too long, it will set!

Take your whipping cream and start whipping it in your mixer. If you are adding in the gelatin, add it in now, then add in the sugar, zest and lastly the lemon juice. Whip until it forms soft peaks.

Remove the pie from the fridge and top with the whipped cream. If you feel like being fancy, the stabilized whipped cream will hold it’s shape when piped with an icing tip. I simply spread it all over the top.

Sprinkle the whipped cream with the crushed cookies you set aside for the topping and refrigerate until serving time. If you are not using stabilized whipped cream, serve right away.

This was in my top 10 pies, the flavor is so unexpected in a pie, the lemon tangy and diluted so dreamily by the whipped cream. Topped with a lemon whipped cream instead of plain also makes your tastebuds sing with sweet, sour and gingery snappiness. Yum.

So Happy PieDay everyone! I am looking forward to a weekend out in the country, making sure my children don’t break too many bones, hoping they don’t get up to the trouble their Mama used to and perhaps a visit with some cute adorable babies that are related to me….


The Can’t Wait To Kiss Some Baby Cheeks Soon Magpie



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  1. This pie looks soooo good! My problem is that I’m in the middle of making it and went to whip the cream to add to the lemon curd and you don’t say how much to use!! I have no idea how much to use. I guess I’ll do 3;/4 cup. Would you update the recipe for next time though??

    Thanks – I really love your recipes.

  2. That looks so good, I wish someone would make it for me. 🙂 When I was growing up my grandma would make me a special dessert for my birthday – no birthday cake for this girl, I always asked for lemon chiffon PIE!

  3. How the kids must have hated to leave the farm! So nice that you did get out to visit with your parents and it’s never to late to hang from the rafters once again:)

    Your pie looks delicious. Love the Spice Snap crust 😉

    • I have a thing for those cookies! something is just perfect about them, I need to use them in baking more!

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