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Karlynn’s Weekly Thrift Haul – March 26th


I’m back again with another thrift haul post! Now, while I can’t guarantee that I will be posting updates weekly, it just happened that the one day I managed to sneak out this week I did find things worthy of posting! This week has been crazy – read my THIS WEEK AT THE JOHNSTON’S post, that will catch you right up with events – so I didn’t have much time at all, during the week or weekend. That’s the joys of working for yourself; sometimes it’s a 7 day work week and there’s nothing you can do but cry into your bourbon and sneak a little thrifting time for your sanity!

First, I did score some Pyrex! I found a Butterfly Gold 043 casserole and the 441 ( smallest) bowl for the cinderella mixing bowl set. I might be done that bowl set now, I have to look in my garage. The garage that I will tackle cleaning and sorting this week with the kids.

Happy Spring Break kids, you get to WORK! Mwhahahah! Worst Mom ever!

NO TURQUOISE LEFT BEHIND!!!! That’s pretty much my mantra for thrifting.

Above is a small gold pinecone and turquoise handled glass that I found for $1.99 – I have two matching small decanters. I do believe that this is made by Libbey glass, but again, I’m no expert.

AND a turquoise vintage sifter for a grand ol’ $1.99. Yes, yes PLEASE! This will make an appearance in my next cookbook for sure!

Bird chalkware plaques! If you read my last post, you’ll know how hard it is to find these in good shape! They aren’t worth a fortune, but I loooove vintage chalkware! These are awesome!

Two depression glass Jeanette floragold pieces!

And a pricey (for a thrift store) gold carnival glass punch bowl, made by Indiana glass in the 1970’s. Buuuut, I had my handy dandy 30% off coupon which made this price excellent! It even came with the punch cup hooks, so a really awesome score! I used that coupon on the Jeanette pieces and the chalkware plaques!

I was so excited to find this for my Mom and the kids to do this summer!!! My Mom tried to teach me how to crochet and I just didn’t get it. I’m going to ask her to teach the kids – and what better encouragement than ending up with a Yoda or Stormtrooper? Man, if I had this when I was learning to crochet, I might have stuck with it!

And last but not least, I added to my Fire King white swirl glass dinnerware set for an excellent price. Nine pieces for $9.99? Yup please! These are super easy to find on and off, so if you are looking to own a pretty and affordable vintage set, I would start collecting this one!

And that’s it for this week, not that I can complain! I’m happy that I did get in a little thrifting break one day, because it really was a 7 day work week, with a lot of extremely long days.

Happy thrifting!




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