Blue Curaçao is a popular blue colored liqueur that is used in numerous cocktails throughout the world. In this post, I’ll tell you more about it including what it tastes like and how you can use it.

Blue Curaçao
Blue Curaçao in Shot Glass with Bottle

What is Blue Curaçao?

Laraha Citrus Fruit
Laraha Citrus Fruit

Blue Curaçao is a popular liqueur used in numerous drinks such as the Blue Lagoon. It’s flavor comes from the peel of the Laraha citrus fruit (which has been dried) and is grown on the island of Curaçao, hence the name.

The blue color in the liqueur comes from food coloring which has been added to give it it’s distinctive coloring.  It is similar to Triple Sec in that it is citrus flavored.

What Does Blue Curaçao Taste Like?

Blue Curaçao has a distinct taste that is a little bit bitter and a little bit sweet. It is reminiscent of Triple Sec, another popular citrus / orange flavored liqueur.

Cheshire Brand Blue Curacao
Cheshire Brand Blue Curacao

Is Blue Curaçao Alcohol Free?

No, it is definitely not alcohol free. In general, it has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of around 15–40% depending on the brand.

How Do You Pronounce Curaçao?

Actually up until I wrote this post, I was absolutely pronouncing it incorrectly so I’m glad you asked! You learn something new every day. I was incorrectly pronouncing it CURE-A-COW but in fact it’s not at all the right way to say it. Here’s an excellent video that explains the correct pronunciation.

What Kind Of Drinks Can You Make With It?

It’s used in numerous cocktails but one of the most popular (and prettiest) is the Blue Lagoon (pictured below).

The Blue Lagoon Cocktail
The Blue Lagoon Cocktail

Another cocktail made with it is the popular gin cocktail, the Bluebird (pictured below).

Bluebird Cocktail
Bluebird Cocktail

There you have it. Everything you need to know about Blue Curaçao. If you have any other questions, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.


What is Blue Curaçao?


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