These are from my repertoire of my Grandma Marion’s recipes, she was an avid fan of  “dainties”.  Or squares, as most people would call them, but I prefer the word dainties instead, not only because it brings forth very fond memories of my grandma who sadly passed away a couple years ago, but because it also evokes a feeling of times gone by, in which you always had a supply of dainties ready in the freezer in case your neighbor stopped by.  This was really common in my grandma’s rural area;  if you stopped by, there would be a cup of coffee and a plate of squares produced for your chat in less than 10 minutes.

So much do I enjoy squares, they have earned a category of their own, Dainties, and once in a while I will be making my favorites. Some come from my recipe box, others from 150 Delicious Squares by Jean Pare, the dainties queen. This recipe is in there as well.

I am thinking this book is so good, that it will be my first give-away, next week. Stay tuned!

Ingredients for Confetti Bars

1/4 cup butter or margarine
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 cup chocolate chips
250 grams colored marshmallows

Oh colored marshmallows, how I love thee. Especially the large ones roasted over a campfire, which reminds me, those large colored marshmallows are darn hard to find! This recipe uses just over half of a 454 gram bag of the mini variety marshmallows. When then leaves just under half a bag of colored mini-marshmallows for snackin’. Gotta love a recipe that pulls double duty!

Take the one pot that is all you need, and put your margarine in it. Take your peanut butter and add it as well. And on a side note, I use only natural peanut butter, and my squares are just that slightly less sweet because of it.  The recipe is mean for normal sugared PB, but don’t be afraid to use natural if that’s all you have. They still are fab.

Melt the peanut butter and margarine together until they are fairly hot.

Once the mixture is hot, remove the pot from the burner entirely. Add in your chocolate chips, and stir until they are melted completely.

If this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Let the chocolate mixture cool until you can place your hand on the bottom of the pot, so until its comfortably warm.

Look at that handful of happy.  Add in those handfuls of happy, then stir and coat them all up.

Here’s where you can go two directions: you can either grease the pan slightly, or you can line it with tinfoil for easy removal. I suggest the tinfoil. I was out of tinfoil. Hey, I told you this was going to be a realistic cooking blog. Magpie had no tinfoil in her kitchen when she reached this point. I should start a list of my magpie fails. It might take up too much room, even though we all know the entertainment value is priceless.

So if you are smarter than me and actually HAVE tinfoil in the house, use it to line the pan.

Once the mixture spread evenly in the pan, cool it in the fridge for a few hours until it’s completely set, slice and serve to rounds of raucous applause! Mine came out fantastic despite the lack of tinfoil.

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