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It came without toques, warm mittens or snow.

It was there without icicles or red noses aglow.

Christmas lights in a zoo without snow on the ground?


A more miraculous place could hardly be found.


The trees were all lit with colors so bright,

You could see across the lake from the wonderful light.


Spiders were hung from the trees with great care,

With hopes that little visitors soon would be there.


Creepy crawlies and more were a very common sight.
While Unicorns made little girls dance with delight.

Their moods were all cheery, their eyes were aglow.

All of this because there was no damn snow.


A huge thank you from these Canadians to the amazing Phoenix Zoo,

For the most wonderful Christmas lights we’ve ever had the pleasure to view.



(PS I so don’t need snow to be merry. This just proved it)



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  1. lkohnekamp Reply

    I love the ZooLights! It was our holiday tradition! If you are still there, you must go to the Glendale Glitters! It’s in old town Glendale….Glendale Ave and 59th Ave–ish. It was my favorite way to ignore that it was not cold and there was no snow! Ha ha!  I lived there for years…moved to DC and this is my first Christmas away. Hope you enjoy it!

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