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Your Disneyland Food Bucket List!

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**Make sure to read through to the bottom of the post to get your printable list that I’ve made for you! Simply print it and take it in your bag to Disneyland!**

As you all know, I’m addicted to Disneyland. It’s ok. I can admit it freely now. I’ve gone through all the steps and have finally reached “acceptance”. I have a Disneyland problem and instead of fighting it, I’m just going to embrace it and take you all with me!

While I have talked about food before, (check out my Disneyland section!) I can’t believe that I have never written a Food Bucket List for you all! How did I miss this one?

While this isn’t the end all, be all list, this is a list of what I personally have tried on my trips over the years. I can back up the deliciousness of this food. These are my favorites at both parks, Disneyland and California Adventure.

First of all, I still find it hard to believe that there is really good food found at a theme park. I guess if anyone could do it, Disney would. While there are definitely some stinkers (read my review of the Carnation Cafe) every time I visit Disneyland I’m still amazed at how good some of the food is.

To help you avoid those stinkers, here’s my list of my favorite foods at Disneyland!

1. The Clam Chowder Bowl at the Pacific Wharf Cafe. (California Adventure)

At $9.99, I consider this sourdough bread bowl filled with clam chowder to be one of the best deals at Disneyland. Three of us girls ate this for lunch this past week and it’s honestly some of the best clam chowder I’ve ever eaten. I know, right? At Disneyland? Yes. This was so seriously amazing that we all agreed that it was the best food that we’ve eaten at Disneyland. Don’t like clam chowder? There are other choices such as the seasonal soup which was an equally fantastic loaded baked potato soup that my husband Mike happily enjoyed.

You can also find chili bowls over at the Golden Horseshoe in Disneyland, another great deal.


2. Anything Starbucks and Caffeinated from The Market House in Disneyland or the Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe in California Adventure.

If Disneyland wasn’t the happiest place on earth for me before, it sure is now. There’s no place on earth that I require more caffeine at than at Disneyland. The fact that they now have amazing coffee loaded up with sugar and deliciousness for me in the morning makes me so, SO happy.

Even if they never spell my name right.


3. The Mickey Mouse Shortbread Cookie at Starbucks (both parks)

This light lemony shortbread cookie with a yummy chocolate icing has now become a first day at Disneyland breakfast tradition. There’s something just perfect about the flavor and it’s Mickey Mouse. ’nuff said.

Pair that with my sugary coffee? Mama is goooood for the day!


4. The Mickey Shaped Beignets at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square (Disneyland)

I am ashamed to say that I hadn’t tried these until just this past trip. These gems are hidden in a back corner of New Orleans square and are something that you simply must ferret out on your trip. Hot, delicious, bready powdered sugar delights, you get a small taste of New Orleans in the middle of California.


5. The Chicken Fried Chicken at The Plaza Inn (Disneyland)

This is some of the best fried chicken out there and it’s my top choice for lunch when we are in the area. At$15.99 it’s large enough for a couple to share with 3 pieces of chicken, a biscuit, a pile of potatoes and green beans (and perhaps with a dessert added on!). I’ve also shared this with my kids.


6. The Pot Roast at The Plaza Inn (Disneyland)

While we are at the Plaza Inn, I have to mention the pot roast. This is Mike’s favorite meal and it’s scrumptious. Slow cooked until it falls apart, it’s a super protein packed meal for $17.49 that again, is big enough for sharing.


7. The Monte Cristo Sandwich (Disneyland)

The most famous of all Disneyland foods (excepting perhaps the Dole Whip) this sandwich is something you havet o try at least once. You can have it in the Blue Bayou or the Cafe Orleans. The only difference is that the one in the Blue Bayou also inclueded a creme Anglais sauce when I tried it and you only receive preserves in the Cafe. I prefer the cafe however, because you can also order the fries (read on below).

Let me warn you; you cannot eat this yourself. It’s huge and too filling. You seriously have to share it! The cheese only version is also delicious, you can’t go wrong with either one.


8. The Parmesan Pommes Frites w/ Cajun Spice Remoulade (Disneyland)

While a lot of food is, of course, overpriced, these fries are a good value at $6.49. You get a large, in charge basket of really scrumptious fries. Pair it with the Monte Cristo above and I kid you not, it feeds three of you.


9. The Dole Whip (Disneyland)

I honestly think this treat is why the Tikki Room stays in Disneyland. (there’s always rumors floating around that it’s shutting down). On a nice warm day you grab your Dole Whip (the line is always shorter on the Tikki Room side!) and then head into the Tikki Room to enjoy the show. I almost always get the float, which is a lovely pineapple juice topped with the tangy pineapple whip. I think this is my favorite pineapple treat ever!


10. Smoked Turkey Legs (found throughout the parks)

My sister and I might be addicted to these as well. There’s nothing like a hit of smokey protein in the middle of the day. They are perfect for sharing and I honestly can’t remember a single trip where we haven’t eaten one of these. It’s beyond tradition, it’s a must.


11. The Alla Vongole at The Golden Vine Winery (Caifornia Adventure)

This fettucine served with clams, parsley, garlic, olive oil, chili flakes, and white wine was seriously amazing! While the other pasta was just good, this was one meal that I loved. The best part? You can get a glass of wine with your meal as well.


12. Assorted Seasonal Treats (locations throughout both parks)

Don’t miss the seasonal treats that are only available for a limited time! I especially love the holiday treats like this Halloween cupcake….


… and the Mickey Mouse Bat cookies found at Starbucks during Halloween.Every season will have treats, so hunt them out!


13. Anything at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop (California Adventure)

Besides the fact that every family member gets a free chocolate as soon as you walk in the door, this is a must-eat place in California Adventure. I love the sea salt caramel and chocolate sundae…and anything with mint…eh, it’s all amazing!


14. Churros! (carts throughout both parks)

Beloved by young and old, we can barely turn our backs on my Dad before he’s found a churro cart for us to snack at. Disneyland also makes some of the best churros out there so make sure you try them!


And that’s it! While there are many runners up – corn dogs, corn on the cob, etc – these are the most delicious things at Disneyland!

Make sure to print out the list below and take it with you when you head to Disneyland!



Disneyland Food Bucket List

  1. The Clam Chowder Bowl at the Pacific Wharf Cafe. (California Adventure)
  2. Anything Starbucks and Caffeinated from The Market House in Disneyland or the Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Café in California Adventure.
  3. The Mickey Mouse Shortbread Cookie at Starbucks (both parks)
  4. The Mickey Shaped Beignets at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square (Disneyland)
  5. The Chicken Fried Chicken at The Plaza Inn (Disneyland)
  6. The Pot Roast at The Plaza Inn (Disneyland)
  7. The Monte Cristo Sandwich (Disneyland)
  8. The Parmesan Pommes Frites w/ Cajun Spice Remoulade (Disneyland)
  9. The Dole Whip (Disneyland by the Tiki Room)
  10. Smoked Turkey Legs (found throughout the parks)
  11. The Alla Vongole at The Golden Vine Winery (Caifornia Adventure)
  12. Assorted Seasonal Treats (locations throughout both parks)
  13. Anything at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop (California Adventure)
  14. Churros! (carts throughout both parks)


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  1. Meghan says

    Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to try all of these! Yum! On a side note, I LOVE how you put the ears over the girls hats-what a great idea! I was worried about having to choose between sun protection and cute ears and now I know how to get both. Love it!

    • The Kitchen Magpie says

      You mean there’s something ELSE to do at Disneyland?

  2. brittbrew says

    KitchenMagpie AHHH THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! We’re going beginning of June and are big food lovers. Thank you thank you thank you!

    • KitchenMagpie says

      brittbrew Such a hard job, tasting all that food Disneyland, photographing & writing about it,but I’ll take one for the team! 😉 Have fun!

      • brittbrew says

        KitchenMagpie thanks can’t wait! I’ll let you know if we try any of your recommendations \U0001f60a

  3. Julienne says

    That last picture with the churro is….disturbing. 

  4. Michelle Whitlow says

    We took our 1st trip to Disneyland last year and had SO much fun that we’re going again this year! We used to live on the east side of the country so all we ever knew was Disneyworld! The pommes frites and beignets were a definite favorite of ours!!! I still have yet to try a Dole Whip. And that sea salt caramel chocolate sundae is definitely going on my ‘must haves’ list!! Although, I’m not seeing a printable on this post??

  5. morganameridius says

    KitchenMagpie Disneyland I looove beignets and dole whip and churros. My husband love the fried chicken. And we both love bread bowls!

    • KitchenMagpie says

      morganameridius Disneyland I think I might have a new all time favorite with the bread bowls! Next time, it’s a chili bowl for sure!

      • morganameridius says

        KitchenMagpie Disneyland I love the vegetarian gumbo near Pirates! Can never finish it but I try my best haha 🙂

        • KitchenMagpie says

          morganameridius Disneyland Right? Such great value for the price! Didn’t know they had a vegetarian gumbo…interesting…

          • morganameridius says

            KitchenMagpie Disneyland yeah! I’m not a seafood fan so that’s what I normally get. It’s spicy and super delicious.

    • KitchenMagpie says

      morganameridius Disneyland You’re lucky, living in California! I’d be there all the time if I lived that close!

      • morganameridius says

        KitchenMagpie Disneyland I’m going next week for the 1st time in a year! I can’t wait 🙂 Northern CA is juuuust far enough away :/ haha.

      • morganameridius says

        KitchenMagpie Disneyland but yes, definitely lucky 🙂

  6. morganameridius says

    KitchenMagpie Disneyland love your list, it has so many of my favorites on it!! I’d add popcorn too, it’s the best 😀

    • KitchenMagpie says

      morganameridius Disneyland Oh the popcorn is good and salty too!

      • morganameridius says

        KitchenMagpie Disneyland yessss it’s the best popcorn ever! Always tastes so good!

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