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The Great Fall Declutter 2010

Several things have prompted this post.

My mother in law is coming for a visit.

We are thinking of listing our house this spring and moving into another area of town. Note the word “thinking”.  Nothing written in stone yet, folks.

I am holding a birthday party for my almost 7 year old which will see oh, about 10+ little Jedi’s running around my house. Throw in some grown ups too.


Did I mention my mother in law is coming for a visit?


We clean.

We declutter.

We wonder where the devil all this stuff comes from, since we purge almost bi-yearly.

Now, the short people in my house definitely hold a large share of the responsibility for the clutter.

Their book corner drives me ’round the bend. I love that they read and are into them all the time, but my lord.

But I’d be remiss if I wasn’t completely truthful and admit that they come by it absolutely naturally.

This is my bookshelf. Books waiting to be reviewed on my other site,, papers from publishers about said books, videos that need to be reviewed.

I tidy it about twice a week, and it still looks like this.

That said, my daughter and I tackled their area this past week.

Tucked books away under beds, all neat and tidy. The plus is that they will soon “forget” about these books and when I bring them out again, well sir, it’s like brand new reading material!

We also switched the curtains in my son’s room, these are pure vintage Star Wars that I have been waiting to hang for years.

I think I bought these before I even had my son.

I knew that one day, one of my children would be into Star Wars, it’s inevitable.

He was one excited little Star Wars boy.

Then I came out to see this, courtesy of my daughter. Half of these were on their way to the Goodwill.

This short one is to blame.

This would be a Goodwill donations bag. She tears a little hole in them when she sees something that she doesn’t want to be donated, then sneaks the toys out.

My children need to be featured on Hoarders, I swear.

I feel a little like a salmon swimming upstream, but just wait until they are both at school today.

BAGS  upon BAGS of their stuff are being snuck out of my house today.


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    A Canadian Foodie
    November 13, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    AHHHHHH! I remember the days…….

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