We are officially residents of the south side. Moved in, moved on and in the new house.

I find “in” such a relative word.

We are most certainly “in” the house.

All our possessions are definitely “in” the house. And “under” my feet..and all “over”…wait, I am getting into preposition territory now.

I am assuredly not “in” a restful state.

I should be “in” the loony bin for moving again.

But there are so many more positives happening that I can’t even start listing them.

Because I haven’t unpacked them yet. Har de har har.

But I thought this would be a fun time to have a What Is It? Wednesday.

The rules?

Just guess what it is in the pictures. And you win my undying love? The gratification of playing a game? Showing your smarts?


What is it? I think I gave it away with the picture below, but if not I will post hints later.

Good luck!


The “in” Love With Her New House Magpie


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  1. I guessed something from Anthropologie on your FB page… but I am guessing a jute rug? For under the table?

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