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two kids happy outside

In case I haven’t mentioned it, Happy Spring! Happy Happy Happy Freaking Spring, everyone! That said, of course we are still going to get a snowfall, it IS May in Alberta, which means that the worst snows and frosts have yet to come.

But until then, we are ignoring the impending doom aka the snowstorm we get every May long weekend weather that might be coming and have been living outside as much as we possibly can.

two kids running going up the hill

The kids are happy to be outside, I am happy to be outside, it’s all good.

This post could have also been titled ” What I Forgot to Post This Week.” So often I go through my pictures and see all the pictures that I never got around to posting and think huh. I should totally get on that. So perhaps a Weekly Windup might work, a random smattering of everything Magpie that occurred and lump them all together.

Works for me!


What I forgot.

I forgot to post this picture of Jack Layton IN my actual NDP rally post. Would have really been better in the context of my post about the rally, yes?


Jack Layton during the interview

This picture is from March. I’m cheating with the whole “weekly” windup. Let’s just pretend.

My birthday cakes from Duchess Bakery. The little Duchess and the little Duke.  Best birthday cakes(s) ever, and I am torn as to which I like better now, that Duke is one hunky chocolately man cake.

little Duchess and the little Duke Cakes

Our Easter was wonderful, that rabbit brought a ton of chocolate and a toy each for the kids. They forgot about their chocolate in two days, how DOES that happen?  Seriously, does anyone who’s an adult forget about chocolate in their house?

It’s been sitting in the cupboard untouched since Easter Monday. Crazy. However, of course I don’t forget it’s in there, but I resist temptation by the thought that they will remember one of these days and then this bad momma has to ‘splain where the chocolate went.

two kids playing inside the house with their new toys

We’ve had my brother and his derpy dog over about 3 times in the last week. My daughter has been in seventh heaven, this is pretty much how she spends her time, outside with the dog.

It’s true love.

And by the way, the dog looks smarter in this picture than she actually is. Just sayin’.

little girl sitting in a slide outside with her black big dog

On the personal news front, we have listed our house for sale since the new one has been started and I see now why moving is a top 10 stress, it’s the whole keeping the house clean enough to show that is insane! With the two kids and Mike the battle for cleanliness is unbelievable.

On another happy note, I gave up my permanent position at my work and will be a casual employee come May 12th.  The whole family is excited about that, I have worked every weekend for over a year now and it’s taken a slight toll on all of us. Not much, but enough that it’s time to concentrate on family and friends for the spring and summer. Casual means I fill in and pick up shifts on an as-needed basis, less stressful than having no choice but to work every weekend, I can choose when I go in.

So I fully expect everyone to start filling my social calender with everything I have been missing the past year, got it?

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


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  1. Karlynn says

    I was so sad to have missed Eat Alberta, I am tired of missing everything because of my Saturday shifts! So many wonderful events I have missed over the last year, especially in the food community here in Edmonton. I am so happy to be done with them as a permanent thing!

    Yes, cookies at your place soon!

    As for gardening, it’s going to be all about the containers this year, so I can move them wherever I may be! Posts will be forthcoming on that soon.

  2. A Canadian Foodie says

    I, too, am back and up and at ’em with Eat Alberta yesterday, life has again returned – almost, to normal overnight. Have to unpack the cars and return the rentals yet, but the cleaning lady came yesterday while we were working up a storm, so the house is an oasis today and the rest feels good. Loved to read your post as I so enjoy your humor. Great pick of daughter and doggie. Is that dog posing? I swear I see a sloppy smile on his mug! Selling house is always stressful. Are you gardening anyway this summer – as you are moving? I imagine you are. I just walked around mine – still a skiff of snow on the back yet all new little buds and greens are rearing their heads amongst the not yet cleaned out shags. Tomorrow. I believe we have had quite enough snow this winter for the next two life times, so it is over this year, in my books. I am just movin’ on.
    Look forward to somehow, some time – and it will happen – getting together with the kids – esp now that you are working less. I wonder if that will really happen?
    Happy Sunny Sunday!
    May 1, YEA!!!

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