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two pieces of Gingerbread Men cookies

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two pieces of Gingerbread Men cookies

True, she didn’t decorate the ones above, I will set the record straight on that, my two darling children were the artists who went crazy with the icing and sprinkles.

Valerie from A Canadian Foodie was lovely enough to not only drop by my place this weekend for my little get-together, but bring her soft, chewy, wonderful gingerbread men and the works for the kids to decorate.

When she asked what she could bring, I immediately thought of those gingerbread men.

I had drooled over her post but not had the inclination nor patience to try them.

So when she offered to bring something, I jumped all over my chance to not only have someone else make them, but the original creator. Score!

All she asked for in return was pictures of the finished goods. We decorated them later on in the evening, the kids were all playing so delightfully together that we just couldn’t bear to interrupt.

Or load them up with even more sugar.

Gingerbread cookies in a tray at the middle of the table, icing and sprinkles on the sides

Some talented moms couldn’t resist and also decorated….

gingerbread cookie with icing and sprinkle decorations

A very creative little girl made a mermaid…..

a piece of gingerbread with green, red and yellow sprinkles

Little boys took their time and meticulously created smiles and belts and pants…

adding decoration to a gingerbread man cookie

And other little Picasso’s made their mark on the gingerbread art world.

gingerbread man cookie with green M&M at the center

A big, HUGE thanks to Valerie for bringing these and leaving me with about 3 dozen more, a huge amount of delicious icing and the complete works of sprinkles.

Jars upon jars of sprinkles.

I have a family Boxing Day dinner coming up and kids coming that will love the leftovers!

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  1. A Canadian Foodie says

    OMG!!! This must be still in my mail box for me to see. Thank you for the message! I cannot tell you how full my heart is seeing those lovely little decorated delights… even the mom’s! Kids love it when we do this with them! I was actually thinking about this again today. You have NO idea the pleasure I get from seeing kids get excited over this kind of thing. Thank you so so so much for the lovely detailed photos. I am floating above my chair.
    Tight squeeze!
    Great work Miss Princess and Mr. K and the rest of the crew

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