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Time To Get Rid of That Candy!

I am getting more and more merciless every year! Now the candy has barely been looked at and we are getting rid of it.


My hips do not need it in the house. I have a control problem when it comes to mini Coffee Crisp. They are just the right size to dunk in your morning coffee, which makes them evil.

Oh my gawd was breakfast good this morning though!

But now the rest has to go. I am not spending 45 minutes swimming with my friend Blackbird to waste it on candy.

So each year we let the kids choose a bowl of candy, we happened to have these lovely, not too large jars which were perfect this year.

And before you feel sorry for my kids, don’t.

You should have SEEN my son packing the candy into that jar! Master puzzler at his best, I swear.

And you want to know why?

Who the hell needs 10.5 lbs of candy?

Mother of all that’s holy.

Yes, I weighed it. I hefted it up this morning to clean under it and though holy crap, what does this weigh?

What is really scary is that is with Mike and I AND the kids were snacking on them.

And with two mason jars removed!

I love that my neighbors are so generous, we were barely out and this is the kids haul.

So if anyone else wants to donate it, call Street Works:

Please contact a team member at the Boyle Street Co-op (424-4106 ext 210,211 or the Boyle McCauley Health Centre (422-7333 ext 1)

They are very, VERY happy to get the candy every year, I think everyone thinks of the Youth Shelter first for candy donating.
Now if you don’t mind, I am off to beat myself up for sneaking yet another Coffee Crisp.

That candy is gone in the morning, wahooo!


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