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yellow shades for paint

First, no there is no pity nor sympathy wanted: I am building a new house. Everything I say that sounds similar to whining  should be followed by a resounding ” Suck it up, buttercup.” The possibility of a smack upside the head can also be considered, it’s completely your call.

That said, who on this earth knew there were so many, many shades in the color wheel?

That yellow has to be the most vexing, hard, beautiful, stubborn shade ever? If you look above and see what I see (and don’t get me started on how no computer monitor reflects the same color!) you will see three shades of yellow compared to a white sheet of paper.

I painted a 3×3 sheet of wood with three colors of yellow. Yah. I totally just said that. I spent the last couple of days painting and comparing possible shades of yellow.

See, an entire house in yellow takes some big commitment, something I am not fond of usually. Committment that is,  I love yellow, I have always wanted yellow paint throughout my house, but when you do that, it has to be something that is bearable.

The easy stuff was the flooring and granite for the kitchen (wood is so not reddish toned like the picture makes it appear)…

brown flooring and marble granite for the kitchen


..the white subway tile that will be my backsplash in the kitchen and line the shower/tub etc in the bathrooms….

white subway tiles and other shades of tiles

…the white kitchen cabinets….

white kitchen cabinets doors

…some of which are going to be white with glass inserts, 4 panes of glass up and down -a dream of mine-…

kitchen cabinet with 4 panes of glass up and down

…handles for the cupboards to match my stainless steel appliances…

stainless handles for the cupboards


..a carpet that will match anything I ever want to paint on the walls.


carpet matching the wall


..lights…ohh. The lights. No one ever told me how expensive lighting is. I found out today.Meep.

I am in love with these chrome beauties, they emit the “beach house” feel I am going for in the new place. Small one on the left for the living room, large 5 light one in the dining nook.

Just. Love.

chrome lights for house

The middle row is the bathroom lighting, that matches the lights above. I am in love with the lighting. Even my dad commented that they are going to be “works of art” that come with the house if we ever sell. The pendant lights that hang over the island match and are so, so pretty.

Coming from my dad, that was almost an epic poem.

set of bathroom lightings

I also found a fixture from the same line that was on sale for 60% off. I love me some deals. Especially when I was gouged the remainder of the time. Makes it hurt a little less.

I quickly figured out where to use four of these where guest will see, in the entrance of the house and right when you get upstairs. And my room. Not that many guests will see it, but I am tired of crappy lights in my room.

Speaking of crappy lights, a lighting store is THE WORST place to take pictures! Holy smokes, the light was horrible!  This was as white as I could get the original pic and it still looks too cream colored.

round ceiling light

I almost passed out when I saw the financial damage, but gamely signed my name on the dotted line.

I may not have a bed to sleep on, but my light fixtures are going to rock!

Then, the yellow. The one thing that I have not have fun with, that has had me back to the paint store(s) so many times they know me by name.

I finally settled on Moonlight by Benjamin Moore, a non-green tinged not too bright yellow that matches almost anything. It is the top. more buttery yellow in the picture at the beginning of this post. Depending on your computer monitor, it looks true to color on mine.

The reason I wanted the beachiest, but not too in your face yellow I can find is I am foreseeing sea foam green for the kids bathroom….a beachy light blue for my master ensuite..I have always wanted a house full of sea and beach colors. THEN I saw it in a show home in Terwilligar Towne many years ago, and it’s stuck.


wall painting above the fireplace


Boy, and if you are tired of house talk already, just wait until they break ground! I have lots of out of town family who will want photos and  updates, so just forgive me.

OR you can be a house pervert like me and enjoy the ride.

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  1. jasonshwartz1224 says

    This really looks like you went on an adventure when it came to finding some flooring. I personally really like the idea of being able to have tiled flooring. It just seems like it would make for easier cleanup as well as just looks really nice. Thank you for sharing your fun story. 

  2. CourtneyGaller says

    Great article, Karlynn; I really appreciate the amount of pictures you included with your descriptions. I’ll have to see if I can find any similar color themes in my house. My husband and I are doing renovations on our home before we sell it. We’ve been trying to find wholesale products and flooring so that the renovations don’t cost too much. We’ll have to check out the flooring at local stores, and see what’s available. 


  3. Michael2327 says

    I would love it if I could have all of these in my home. I can just picture a nice granite counter top in my kitchen along with beautiful lighting and gorgeous cupboards. Sadly, my wife is only allowing us to do our flooring right now. I’m thinking on the lines of a tile floor.

  4. Chris Lori says

    Kitchen cabinets are the built-in furniture installed in many kitchens for storage of food, cooking equipment, and often silverware and dishes for table service. Appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens are often integrated into kitchen cabinetry. There are many options for cabinets available at present

  5. glass folding doors London says

    From long time i was confused that which tiles i should installed in my bathroom. Just for the makeover of the bathroom. Here you have suggest good tips for flooring & tiling…Thanks…

  6. Karlynn says

    It was a busy week and now I just have time to be excited about everything I chose, the papers will be signed this week and then they should break ground! So excited (even about the yellow walls haha)

    The granite is really dark, it was washed out with flash in the one picture, the darker picture is more what it looks like. I am so excited for the kitchen I can hardly wait!

    Christmas in a new kitchen EEEK! So excited. Yes, everything comes back to Christmas.

  7. A Canadian Foodie says

    Love the lights – especially the ones in the last light photo – and the floor and LOVE the Shaker cabinets with the glass – so so so s exciting… I didn’t have time last time to say it all… the granite looks different in both photos – but with white cabinets, I find the darker the contrast the better. And granite – you must be dancing in the streets!
    What a massive project and what fun!
    Love it all!

  8. Karlynn says

    Ah, all my appointments are this week since my dad is up to watch the kids and help me with pretty much everything as well. This has been a crazy week of running all over, fun, but I seriously have had trouble sleeping, worrying over my choices all night long.

  9. A Canadian Foodie says

    I am so surprised to see you doing so much at once – what a fun (and taxing) project! SO many GORGEOUS things to choose from.
    Love that carpet!
    Sweet dreams!

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