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This one is getting so close to the teenage years it makes me want to weep daily. Stop growing so fast.

young boy wearing green shirt and jacket sitting near the door

That one worries me to death, just thinking about her teenage years.

young girl wearing minnie hat     

This one makes me laugh daily with her imagination, her outfits, her escapades and her unyielding love of doing whatever the heck she wants. One out of two girls in an all boys Cub Scout Group? No problem. Princess dress while trying to climb over a fence because there are baby ducks? Yup.

young girl wearing princess dress while trying to climb over a fence

That one has the kindest, most amazing heart out of any kid I know. He’s the boy who poses with a Disney Princess (that’s he’s almost as tall as!) because it makes his mother happy.

young girl, princess Tiana and young boy with the crowd in their background

This one is getting so gosh darn interesting. This is the part of parenting they never tell you. One day you wake up and your kids have stopped being in diapers, stopped needing you every five minutes and KAPOW! you have an amazing actual person, with a personality, that is someone you want to get to know. How lucky I am to be the person that gets to know him so closely, the one that gets to travel with him and instill a lifelong love of adventure in him, to get to know him better than anyone else right now, and yes, the one to introduce him to alligator jerky.

young boy holding a pack of gator jerky

That one inspires me in ways that her brother doesn’t with her love of animals, outdoors and imagination. What a ying and yang they are.

young girl in a dolphin kiss

This one makes me do weird things, like take pictures of her adorable feet, because it breaks my heart a bit more that’s she’s getting bigger, more than it does her brother. It’s the baby thing. My last baby.

One day these feet are going to walk out my door for the last time and into her own place, at which point I swear to God above my heart’s going to crack right open.

adorable feet of young girl in minnie slippers

That one has the power to turn me into “that” mother. The one that thinks that no girl will ever deserve him. That mother who is already plotting revenge on anyone who breaks his beautiful heart. He’s so kind, sweet and giving that I worry the world is going to walk all over him.


close up of young boy

These ones remind me daily how fast time flies, how important it is to make the most of every moment and how lucky I am to be their Mom.

siblings sitting beside each other

This post brought to you by a very sentimental (nay, maudlin) Magpie looking through her travel photos.



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  1. Mary-Anne Bureyko Reid says

    Great post. I so can relate. My two guys are so different than each other, but still get along well. The moving out thing is hard, my oldest just moved a few weeks ago. So quiet around here as he was Mr Social. We do grocery shopping together though. Lol.

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