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The Weekend I Phoned in My Parenting


To be honest here, I have phoned in my parenting more than just this one weekend, but man, did we ever have a lazy Saturday this past weekend.

No. Really,


I think we were all a little burnt out this past long weekend. Too many events, activities, appointments and chores had been done the past two weeks. Everyone had been to the dentist- TWICE,  once for a check up and then once for caps/fillings/what have you

Everyone had been to the eye doctors. Everyone had been running around until 7 or 8 at night during the week, meaning it was home, bath and bed for the kids. Between four family members, we had a total of around 16 appointments in a two week time period. SIXTEEN. That includes trips to purchase glasses, contacts then return trips for fittings for all of those, added on to a total of 8 dentist appointments.

That’s besides Cubs and music lessons as well.

Sometimes when you are running around so much there becomes a weight on your shoulders that just all of a sudden is too heavy. It’s like self preservation. It pushes you down so much you can’t even think of leaving your house.

Self preservation set in last Saturday.

This is how my daughter spent the morning, watching Pound Puppies on Netflix.


This is how we all felt that morning.

Sluggy. Tired. No energy.



Did I mention cranky?

Yes, a few of us were cranky, not mentioning any names.


That’s right, I took pictures of her feet. They were so adorable and since she wouldn’t let me take a picture of her cheery face, well, feet it was.

She’s going to love this when she’s a teenager. I can threaten to show her dates pictures of her cutie pie little 7 year old feet.

If that didn’t sound creepy, I don’t know what does. Sorry for upping the creep factor. Maybe it’s just a Mom thing. Those feet are cute.


Rootbeer, also known as “Fur Face” was more than happy to sit or nap beside all of us at one point during the day.

God this dog needs a face trim. Put that on my list of appointments to make.


The boy vegged out in IPod bliss for hours.

He never gets hours of IPod. This kind of stuff just never happens in his world.


Mike spent the morning playing video games upstairs and I unashamedly spent hours playing Plants vs Zombies. I swear, everyone needs a day like this, especially with the upcoming craziness of Christmas that is upon us already.

A total brainless, technology zombie, stay in your pajamas kind of morning.

Mike and I eventually got dressed as we had dinner plans that night, but the kids?


I would like to announce that my children stayed in the same pajamas from Friday night until Sunday morning.

Ha! I am so dang proud of myself. I don’t think that has ever happened.

The babysitter came and the kids were still in their pajamas andI didn’t even think to mention that they should change. Sunday morning we all woke up and as we were eating breakfast I glanced at the kids…. and realized that they were wearing the same jammies that they wore Friday night.

Never fear, Sunday morning we were up and at it again, grocery shopping, running around and the like. But oh, my friends, how refreshed we felt that Sunday, how ready to tackle the day we were.

Now I am going to be completely honest with you all here and say something that is rarely said.

I recommend that you don’t spend it doing “family” things. Don’t feel pressured to play board games or draw with the kids. Take a break. Play on your IPad. Let the kids watch TV or build a messy fort downstairs. Have a bath, read a book.Sometimes in this overly ” hands on parenting” world we are just too dang close and clingy to one another. That Saturday we all did our own separate things, barely talking to each other. Talk about against the grain, isn’t it?

However, the next day?

My kids were happy to play together and were in wonderful moods.  We were a happy family for taking a break from each other and doing whatever the heck we wanted to do. The stress that had built up from running around and being constantly on the go was gone.

My advice to you, is that each family member takes some selfish time and does whatever they want. Give your family a break from one another because to be honest, you need it once in a while. We forget in this time of over-parenting and over-scheduling to let go and let the whole family just do what they want, alone, in the same house. You’re a better parent for it, your family is a happier family for it and man, did it rock our world.






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