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The New TELUS Grand Gestures Campaign!


So let’s start out the fact that commercials make me cry. Always. I swear becoming a mother has turned me into an emotional basketcase who cries over everything.

When the chance came up to write about a the new TELUS Grand Gestures campaign, I threw my hat into the ring. We are a TELUS Family. I have countless friends and family members who work for TELUS. My Dad retired from TELUS a few years ago and he started with TELUS when they were still AT&T! A large amount of my high school friends worked for TELUS and to this day, some still remain there, happily.

So I can truly write today that TELUS is a company that isn’t just words and ads, it makes good on what they say.  TELUS walks the walk and talks the talk. Their community involvement is huge and they strive hard to encourage their team members to be actively involved in making their communities better.

As part of their Give Where You Live philosophy, TELUS believes that a thank you goes a long way. They decided to up the ante and take out a loyal customer of 20 years, Ramona,  out for a day that was all about her.

You can watch the video below. I admit it, my eyes teared up. She looks so happy and joyful!

The TELUS Care-a-Van team is rolling into town this week with a host of events and activities that will be taking place all week long to specially thank TELUS local customers and the Guelph community.  TELUS is literally performingeveryday acts of caring all over the Guelph community throughout the week. As part of this, they are donating $5 to the GuelphChildren’s Foundation for every use of #actsofcaring. They are going door to door to the homes of their top 100 customers to thank them personally with a care package – a small token of their appreciation. They are also hosting a free BBQ lunch for their top 1000 customers and their families at the local TELUS store. Not only that, but the will be presenting a cheque to the Guelph Children’s Foundation in the amount of $5000 – in response to all the uses of #actsofcaring. Donald Woodley (member of TELUS Board of Directors.

Lucky Guelph community!

If YOU could do anything for one day, what would it be? Would you want to cook with the chef of your dreams? Would you want to race cars with your favorite driver? Meet a famous actor?

I had to really think hard about what I would choose. With so many options, how on earth do you decide? For me, it might be spending the day in Paris with David Lebovitz. He’s amazing. Paris is amazing. That would be amazing.

So, what would you do for one day?





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    Kendyl Hudson
    June 30, 2014 at 5:45 pm

    Go up for a day in the STARS chopper

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