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The Last (Almost) 2 Weeks in Pictures

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On Tuesday – and I can’t believe that I am writing this – the kids and I will already have been gone from home 2…whole…weeks.  The above picture is the morning we started out from my parents place, with my dad, for our road trip to Disneyland.

For those of you who think I am crazy, it’s actually fun. The kids are well-trained and learned in the ways of road trips, our first one to Disney was when they were 3 and 5 and they are pros by now.

Start ’em young and they’ll love it.

Start drinking wine and you’ll survive it. As long as you are the passenger, of course.

So in the past 12 days we’ve:

Stayed in Idaho Falls…..

…just plain been in the company of the best kids EVER. I am so proud of them for being so fabulous. Ten hours in the car on one day and they were absolutely amazing.

We’ve swum in many hotel pools along the way.

Stopped in Vegas at Circus Circus and conned Papa into winning us prizes.

Done homework by the pool.

And of course, we’ve hit Disneyland.


Falling asleep in the bike stroller on the walk home after a long day at Disney and fireworks was also accomplished.

We’ve taken our cousin to the ocean for his first time and at one of our favorite beaches, Huntington Beach, AKA Surf City USA. Running in the sand, getting wet, watching surfers, collecting shells and walking the boardwalk were all checked off our to-do list.

Many Archie comics have been read after a long day.

Uncle Wyatt joined the fray and flew in this past Saturday. Apparently he was greatly missed.

But not by me, because now I have 3 kids.

If you doubt me, take a peek at the picture below.

We’ve rocked aviators.

My sister, my son and I visited the Cleopatra exhibit at the California Science Centre and were transported back in time to ancient Egypt for an hour. Mr K may look like he’s bored, but that’s because I tried to take this picture no less than 10 times. He was as enthralled as I was, we are so lucky to have caught this exhibit while we were here.

Uncle Wyatt has taught many new, unwanted tricks to the kids in a mere 2 days.

We visited Legoland and were awed by Miniland.

And waited in line for a long…long time for rides there.

If all that wasn’t enough, we walked the Vegas strip while there,  the LA Zoo was also visited and outlets have been shopped at.

Tomorrow we are visiting the Aquarium of the Pacific followed by hitting the beach again, most likely Huntington for one more soak in the sun and surf before we do three….straight…..days at Disney now that Uncle Wyatt has joined us.

Then Friday we are off to my favorite city in the world. I am so excited to return and dream again about moving there, just being in that city makes my soul sing and my heart happy.


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