Folks, this here may be a continuing theme here on my website, admitting to loving foods that should rightfully have my Food Blogger Card ripped away from me. (If they actually gave us one, I’m still waiting for that card to arrive.)

I was just in the middle of editing photos with a cheater recipe of mine – another guilt all in itself that I will write about someday- and looking at the photo I realized that it was time to write this post.

I never hide the fact that I occasionally eat fast food or pretend for appearances that I only shop/eat local, newp,  I’m honest to the core here on The Kitchen Magpie. So let’s stay with that whole “Keeping It Real” theme I always have going here on my website and go for some more deep down, dirty confessions!

Introducing: Food I Should Not Love As Someone Who Makes Her Living Food Blogging.

Y’all ready for this? Here goes.  (Lordy, I’m embarrassed already. You’re lucky I love you all.)


Canned mushrooms. 

I love canned mushrooms. Seriously. I’ve been addicted to them since a child. I eat them out of the can. I KNOW how horrible they are. I know. I eat them anyway.

filet-o-fishThe Filet o’ Fish.

I am so sorry guys, you may as well just stop reading this site now. Cancel your subscription to my newsletter. I love the Filet o’ Fish. I even crave it on occasion. Why? Why must I love it? I don’t know, but what makes it even worse is that I think the DOUBLE Filet’ o Fish is the best thing ever made.

I can’t believe I just told the whole internet that.

cannedham Canned Ham

Now let me assure you, not Klik, not Spam, just the good ol’ canned ham. My Rose and I love to sit down and eat it and just gross out Mike and Mr K. Oh and put it on white buttered bread for a sandwich? Heaven.

sapporo-ichiban-chicken-front Ichiban 

I can’t help it, I love Ichiban. I love it even more with chunks of cheese melting in it. I haven’t eaten it like that for years because I know better but every now and then I have to get a package and enjoy some plain Ichiban for lunch. When the kids can’t see me. Oh and it simply has to be chicken flavor.


Cool Whip

For God’s sake, it’s pure oil and other ingredients I don’t want to even think about.


Pistachio Jello

If it’s wrong to love this green concoction that tastes nothing like pistachios, I don’t want to be right. This is a love from my childhood. Again, something I haven’t eaten in years but danged if I don’t want to go out RIGHT NOW and buy a box of this.

So if you’re still reading this and haven’t left my site in disgust, it’s YOUR TURN.

Confession time. What foods do you love that you know you just shouldn’t?

I know you have a list as long as mine!




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  1. Heather Pollock Reply

    Old Dutch pork rinds ! One of the few treats that won’t elevate my blood sugar!

  2. Jill Davies-Shaw Reply

    Nacho cheese from a pump. So good. So bad. But mostly, so good.

  3. Diana Brown Reply

    Foods I shouldn’t love? Hands down is braunshweiger thickly sliced, on pumpernickel rye, sliced red onion, thick slice of sharp cheddar cheese, tons of mustard on it.

  4. Sharon Thomas Reply

    Following in my Mum’s foot steps, I sometimes (maybe once a year 😉 ) slice Prem and cracker crumb it and fry in butter. Lots’ of butter 🙂 Mashed potatoes on the side…mmmm.

  5. Jenn Halliday-Hardy Reply

    You have excellent recipes we all have weakness. Got to say I love DQ peanut parfaits with Carmel. Just don’t tell my kids!

  6. The Kitchen Magpie Reply

    Sigh I make WHITE BREAD SANDWICHES. seriously. with butter. and ham. Who let me write a cookbook with food taste like that?

  7. Jenn Halliday-Hardy Reply

    What do you do make with the canned ham. Hubby grabbed a can for camping, still sitting on the shelf. Cold, hot lol I’m lost what to do with it

  8. Ida Pence Waterous Reply

    Tanya those were my dad’s favs and he lived to be 95, how bad could they be?

  9. The Kitchen Magpie Reply

    Oh um..ew. Rare is the time I can’t get behind edible but um..yuck. LOL!!

  10. Jennifer Smith Kachuk Reply

    I am not a fan of canned ham however my mom has made a French loaf stuffed with spinich and canned ham then cut into finger sandwiches for years (for showers and parties) that is so delicious and pretty ,you would never know the ham came from a can …..

  11. Tania Brunet Reply

    This is such a great post, loved it!! I am with you on the Filet O’ Fish LOL!! When I was pregnant I craved these BAD plus they had to have double sauce. Sigh, I still crave them and gross everyone out when I eat one.

  12. Karlynn Johnston Reply

    Pamela Marriott Yah, MCD’s breakfast is a road trip thing for us all the time.

  13. christybelle Reply

    Spam…there I said it…I like  Spam. 🙂  I agree with the filet o’ fish…love that too. I should be ashamed! 

    • thekitchenmagpie Reply

      christybelle My Grandma used to eat fried Spam sandwiches….I did get my love of canned meats from her!

  14. I have almost all of yours (though not the canned ham). That’s what makes you so real and why we love ya. I still love the orange spaghetti in a tin – brings me back to my childhood!

    • thekitchenmagpie Reply

      @Cheryl Oh..Alphaghetti on a slice of white buttered bread…I used to go over to my friends house and we’d eat that. My parents never had Alphaghetti LOL so I had to have it over there!

  15. Pamela Marriott Reply

    Traveling to yeg today. Stopped for a sasuage mcmuffin in westlock.. heh I was hungry. Second time in ronnie macs this year…..

  16. Karlynn Johnston Reply

    Oh you enabler!! I’m going to have to make that cake now!

  17. Oh my I love you a little bit more for our shared addiction to Filet ‘o fish. And I didn’t even KNOW they came as doubles!!! I can’t believe I like them but they are sooooo good I think they might have crack in them to keep me coming back. YUM. So little nutritional value but soooo satisfying! My other secret pleasure is frozen blueberries with cream. The cream freezes up almost like ice cream and the blueberries are so tart and tasty little frozen morsels of deliciousness! I ate it almost every evening during my first year of teaching which is likely why I gained 20 lbs in my first year of teaching and never lost them. 😀

    • thekitchenmagpie Reply

      @Melanie I know right? It MUST be crack in them. I need like one a month or I snap LOL! My sister and I are both addicted to them and it’s our drug of choice at McD’s. And yes, doubles. They are really good too lol.

  18. Pamela Marriott Reply

    No. I am a perfect foodie. ….bwahahahahahaha. not enough time in the day ..

  19. The Kitchen Magpie Reply

    This whole post was inspired because I bought a tin of canned ham two weeks ago and my daughter and I were so excited hahah!

  20. Ginny Felton Reply

    Ha ha! This cracked me up! I LOVE Deviled Ham… in those little white cans wrapped in paper??? Yum. Haven’t bought one in years though.

  21. Feel no shame we all have our secret naughty foods. PS there is a really yummy cake made with pistachio pudding it’s called Watergate cake. I highly recommend it.

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