The Food Blogger Confessions #3- What Christmas Baking REALLY Looks Like in my House

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Holy Dinah, is Christmas over yet said the Magpie Grinch? Well, not Christmas, but the Christmas baking? Whew. Add the load of Christmas baking/cooking for my website to the planning/packing/last minute craziness of planning for a huge vacation and well my friends…my house has suffered terribly.

So I’m just going to go right ahead and spread some Christmas cheer! Your house is CLEAN compared to mine! You can walk away from this post with a little jig and a hop in your step, knowing that my house is a disaster.

Merry Christmas, let’s talk about this time of year in my house.

There are props stuffed EVERYWHERE.

This would be my fruit bowl.

Yes, I have garlic in my fruit bowl and uh…that banana is really um….ripe and black.

Those are also all sorts of food photo props shoved under it as well and everywhere in the kitchen. EVERYWHERE there is a photo prop of some sort.

fruit bowl with the prop stuffs

My pantry?

I weep.

Oh my Lord, it was so beautiful and clean this summer. I spent a whole day organizing it.

Why is there a Halloween sucker on the floor? The oatmeal bag? Totally open.

the pantry full of cooking stuffs

This was just one morning this past week that I decided to take a picture. It looks worse or worser, depending on the day.

kitchen full of dishes to wash

My fridge?

If I didn’t love you and want to cheer you up, I’d totally be embarrassed.

As it is, I’m too busy to have any pride right now.

the fridge full of packed goods and left over stuffs


I don’t have food in my fridge.

I haven’t had a clean house since July.

I haven’t seen the top of my buffet due to Christmas crap clutter since October.

I don’t have a single spare brain cell at the moment to even think about cleaning.

But you wanna to know what I DO have?

wooden cabinet loaded of liquor and cocktail glasses

Mama has a fully loaded liquor cabinet.

And that’s all you really need.



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  1. lois Harrison says

    Thanks for all that. I had a mum who never stopped cleaning. When we grew up. When she wasn’t cleaning. She was mentally very unwell! Sometimes, I wonder if the two went hand in hand.

    Then I inherited a mother in law, who came over every week to inspect my house (literally). She’d search every nook and cranny and her and my father in law, would give me an inventry of everything that everything, that they thought needed “more attention”. In her words.

    I know, i’ve gotta lighten up. We have a good size home and what I find the hardest. Is that when I let a few things go. I never seem to get on top of things again. kids are a real leveler, though and I seldom ever pass up time with my daughter. In favour of housework anymore and i’ve given up with the yard work. Hubby won’t do it. So why, should I!

    After reading your post. I have decided to take the equivalent of one full day a week. Just to do exactly what I want. Can’t wait for the first one to roll around!

  2. Pamela Conry says

    This has made me so happy. Thank you. I’m always thinking there must be something wrong with me because things are not perfect in my home. A million times thank you.

  3. thefuturemrsvines says

    Too funny! We just cleaned off my dining room table so we could eat Christmas dinner there. I was spared an extra month because we had Thanksgiving with the (soon to be) in-laws! We moved it all to my “desk”.

  4. cuzilikechoclat says

    Even after I go grocery shopping I feel like my fridge is empty. Oh well, guess I will survive off of flax seed as well!

    • thekitchenmagpie says

      cuzilikechoclat I have that sometimes as well. The kids like to complain that it’s empty after I shop too!

  5. Fine Frostings says

    I honestly think that is my pantry!! When it is all cleaned and organized it is the best feeling in the world. So much so I want to leave the door open! When it is a mess…it is painful.

  6. Melissa Durham says

    if not in the fruit bowl where does it belong?? lol

  7. Jennifer Presley says

    Omg. I love this. Love. my pantry was also clean in the summer. Organized. Pinterest worthy. Not so much now… You’ve made me so happy! … And now for that second glass of wine…. 🙂

  8. Deborah Dow says

    I loved this! My kitchen is obviously not alone! Thanks for the giggles!

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