Harbour Galley, Disneyland
Harbour Galley, Disneyland

The Harbour Galley at Disneyland should also be known as “the restaurant Karlynn didn’t discover for years.” This little gem at Disneyland has some of the best food that you’ll find in the park, and I honestly never sought it out until this past year – and that’s only because I saw somewhere that they had lobster rolls. For some reason I knew that there were lobster rolls to be found at Disneyland, but I never managed to seek them out.

The last trip I took was with my sister who also loves anything and everything seafood. That meant I had a partner in crime for seeking out the lobster rolls as Mike doesn’t like seafood usually.

The lobster rolls were absolutely fantastic. I have a new favourite food at Disneyland now added to my Top 10 list.

Mike opted for the Chicken Pot Pie soup in a bread bowl and while nothing compares to the Disneyland seafood chowder in a bread bowl, the chicken pot pie was seriously delicious! This was the seasonal soup offering. In the summer….which is kinda weird for this Canadian who eats cold weather food for 8 months of the year, but you know, chicken pot pie is good any time I guess!

My sister snacked on the lobster chips which, while tasty, they are nothing compared to the lobster nachos at the Lamplighter Lounge over in California Adventure. These weren’t on the main menu, they were on a side display menu.

All in all I was very happy to find the lobster rolls and loved the location of the Harbour Galley, it’s truly a “hidden” gem. You’ll find it across from Splash Mountain tucked in towards the river in Critter Country. If you didn’t know that the lobster rolls and clam chowder were available there, you do now!

Has anyone else tried the lobster rolls? Thoughts?

Happy Travels!



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