I thought I would start out this post with a picture of my handsome hunny, Mr Magpie. I liked it. He's rather cute. I am also rather fond of him most times, he's fun to be around, happens to be the father of my children and generally not a bad guy at all.

Oh, the flattery I heap upon this man. How does he take it?

But truly, even with the stress of moving to a new house, starting the kids in school and both of us running successful websites that take a lot of work, he's my rock. My shoulder to lean on, my pillar of strength.


So to sum up:  he's cute and he does the dishes.

What more could a girl want?

I am slow, oh-so-very slow at getting posts out. I beg your patience. Today was spent packing and cleaning and yesterday..well…

Ok fine. We totally buggered off and went Geocaching with the kids instead of packing yesterday.

But Mike insisted on getting out of the house. He's smart, that boy. Besides the fact that he doesn't want to pack, he knows I get wound when we don't get in time together as a family. It important to me and him, we treasure weekends as time to spend with him when he's home.

And that reminded me of all the pictures from our lovely vacation this summer that are waiting to be edited and posted.

I had posted about my daughters first fish and now it's time to post about the other fishing excursion we took.

Introducing my son and his first fish EVER. He caught this alone with my dad one afternoon and luckily I had told my dad to take his camera with him.


And his second.


My daughter, The Fish Whisperer.

She would talk to them, then take them up the little stream to release them with Papa, followed by shrieks of glee as they swan out to the lake.



Then back she went with her Papa.


Two of my very favorite men in the world, my husband and my Dad.


You might have noticed other littles in my pictures of my kids, as we went on vacation with my best friend Kandice and her family.

Nothing like helping Daddy with the tackle.

And nothing like your first fish! Could that grin get wider?

I had posted a video of this catch on my Facebook page, my son caught two sunfish at once! What a fishing experience, how are we ever going to top this? His third catch ever and it's two fish on a rig.

I am so very, very excited to be moving to where we are, besides the beach the lake is stocked with trout and the lake is deep enough that the fish overwinter as well. We are excited to get the kids out there fishing and I am excited to be able to have fish from a lake I know to be pretty safe. It's tested regularly to make sure the lakeside residents aren't using pesticides/herbicides. You may laugh, but the last time I looked up fishing in our lovely North Saskatchewan River, I recall reading you shouldn't eat more than 3 fish a week from there. What does THAT tell you? Eeew. Just gross.

Not that anyone else is going to join me in eating them, but my family and I had a big discussion recently about canning fish. My grandma used to can fish like northern pike, not so great eating most of the year-best when caught from cold, cold water- but absolutely amazing when canned. We are looking into digging up her recipes as she was the last generation of our family to do so. If anyone has any family recipes to share, please send them on! My mom remembers ketchup for flavor and coloring, onions but little else.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


I Have Canning on the Brain But No Time on My Hands Magpie


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  1. SherryMarie Reply

    I have the canned fish recipe from my mother-in-law. I’m not sure if it’s from her Mom (Sweden) or her mother-in-law (Polish). This is copied exactly from her card.

    Pack sterilized 1 quart sealers to neck with fish. No need to fillet or remove skin, but that’s up to you.

    Add to 1 quart jars:

                1 t salt

                ¼ t pepper

                2 T ketchup (heaping)

                2 ½ T lemon juice

     Seal in jars and set in hot water canner. Process 3 ½ to 4 hours.

    May be halved for pint jars.

                ½ t salt

                pinch of pepper

                1 T ketchup (heaping)

                1 ¼ T lemon juice

    Mom says the ketchup makes all fish pink so it looks like salmon. This would have been a preferable fish to the jackfish & pike they were catching.

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  3. I love the pictures…but fun time is over! back to packing Missy. No time to waste.

  4. Such great pics and great memories. I still remember my first fish as a kid.

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