The Epic Journey: Montana, Idaho, Vegas & Arizona

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view of red blue sunset and mountain

The Epic Journey has officially begun, I hope your virtual suitcases are packed and ready to go, because I’m going to try to be a good girl and write as we go along, to share it with all of you. Let’s face it, it’s not like I am photo shy and don’t take pictures of anything and everything, so why not try to write as I go?

I make no promises, but I”ll try my best to bring you all along!

Wednesday found us driving from Calgary to Montana and the only picture I got was of the sunset in the gorgeous mountains. I’d like to thank Montana for having fabulous weather and fantastic roads, what a pleasure it was to drive through! Unlike Calgary and southern Alberta where the roads were absolute crap. I also have no idea how Calgarians put up with rush hour, I would move. Hey, I did move! I can complain about Calgary because not only did I go to high school and live there, I also commuted downtown for years and years before moving to Edmonton.

Wednesday night was spent in Idaho Falls, our usual stop along these road trips.

This cake happened in Idaho Falls at Jakers. I love this cake.

white plate with chocolate cake, scoops of ice cream and whipped cream

Thursday morning we were up and out early with a goal in mind:

Be in Salt Lake City for 11:30 for lunch at my absolute favorite Mexican restaurant ever, the Red Iguana.

Oh, their moles (mo-lays) make me swoon. I have more pictures to share later in a post all about them, but for now let’s just celebrate the fact that I finally got the kids there for the first time!

The Red Iguana Mexican Restaurant Signage

At this point in the Red Iguana the kids were done with pictures.

mom wearing red and daughter rearing green sitting inside the Red Iguana restaurant

This already? I mean, come on, who’s your mom? You should be used to this by now.

son wearing green and dad wearing checkered red blue sitting inside Red Iguana restaurant

After a lunch that we literally talked about ALL the way to Vegas we arrived to our new destination, Circus Circus.

The kids love this place and couldn’t wait to take Mike there.

Night view of Circus Circus from the outside with lights on

This morning we jumped out of bed, had a classic Vegas  breakfast buffet (yum!) and it was time to head to Phoenix to see my parents. On the way, we had to stop and see the Hoover Dam.

It’s gorgeous, breathtaking and so very, very high. Oh my, what a fall that would be. *shudder*

breathtaking view of Hoover Dam

After about a half an hour of me freaking out over how high the dam is, we started out to Phoenix again.

These two.

I’m so proud of them. They are so good at travelling, They cross through a province and four different states in three days. Phhhft. No problem. Oh, they have their mother’s wanderlust already!

kids sitting while watching something

As soon as we reached Arizona and plus 16 weather we acted like a bunch of snowbound Canadians (which we totally are) and rolled down our sunroof and soaked up that sun and fresh, warm air while driving.

OMG that’s the best air I’ve breathed in since October. You won’t understand it unless you’re Canadian and lets narrow it down to Albertan. Our weather is so crappy, with snow up to our eyeballs and minus thirty below zero, that this warm, sandy air was just amazing.

I can’t stop breathing it in and giggling.

inside the car with sunroof rolled down

We arrived at my parents and the kids were so excited to check out all the cactus in their backyard.

little boy standing near the garden with cactus on his background

I was excited to have a glass of wine while my Dad took them through the backyard.

grandfather with his grandchildren checking the plants in the backyard

Ah Phoenix, I do love thee. How warm you are, how sunny and nice. I’ll take plus 20. I’m going to start looking at places

Tomorrow we are going shopping, to antique malls and more. We are spending the next five days here visiting my parents and then off to our cruise! Watch my Facebook and my Instagram for pics!





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