First thing we did when we rolled into the campground, other than throwing our stuff in the cabin, was to get changed and head out to the lake.

Nothing, and I truly mean nothing, is better after 10 hours in the car driving, than a cold dip in the lake. Or make that a tepid dip in the lake.

While I can't pin down that Christina Lake is the warmest lake in Canada, I CAN find, in more than one place on the net, that it is the warmest tree-lined lake in Canada.


It is warmer than some hotel pools, if you can believe that.

It is perfect for kids and adults alike who don't like freezing lakes.

The face I am making has nothing to do with the temperature of the water, and everything to do with the fact that my husband was holding my expensive camera in 5 feet of water and he's taking a picture of me in my swimsuit.

The fake smile says it all.

I would like to thank again my friend Blackbird for making these robes for my children, she's so crafty.

I am not at all talented when it comes to sewing. It has reached the point where my own children don't bother asking me to do anything, they say “Mommy, can you get A to make me this?”.

Smart kids. If I ever showed them the t-shirt I was forced to sew in grade 9 home ec, they would run away screaming.

These robes were perfect. The terrycloth inside soaks up the water and the flannel outsides are just cute, one with mermaids the other with space. The kids lived in them.

Oh! And our beach tent, which was the best purchase I have ever made for this vacation. UV protection, shade, roomy and easy for Mike to set up.

A better shot of the beach we were swimming at. It was later in the afternoon around 5 when we went and we had it almost to ourselves that first day.

This beach had a dock which the kids loved swimming out to and climbing on. I loved that I could swim out to it, sit in the sun and watch the kids swim between it and the shore.


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