The Cutest Wedding Favors. Ever.

close up of Saskatoon jam in jars with personalized labels

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close up of Saskatoon jam in jars with personalized labels

I attended my cousin Karlee’s wedding this past weekend, which was a lovely, small affair out in Okotoks, Alberta. They held it at the Saskatoon Farm, which is somewhere that I have always wanted to check out. But considering its an hour’s drive past my parents house to the south, we never had the time to get there.

It was as awesome as I wanted it to be. And more. I actually didn’t get a shrub though, but oh, I had fun looking!

The Saskatoon theme was everywhere. The wedding cake had Saskatoon filling. We bought some Saskatoon white chocolate scones, which were the best dang scones  I have ever tasted and I must figure out my own recipe for.  The shop was full of Saskatoon pies,loaves, breads and oh so much more. The dessert for the wedding dinner was of course, Saskatoon pie with Saskatoon ice cream. But also Saskatoon tarts. Which you may think oh, ok, that sounds yummy.

But wait.

The tarts were a Saskatoon filling in the center, with a real butter tart filling around it.

I can’t explain how amazing this combination is. Words fail me. And the sad, oh-so-sad story is that I could have brought some home  from the shop I bet, but we ate it long after the shop was closed. Sniffle.

I completely and thoroughly got off topic here, so let’s go back to the Saskatoon theme.

The favors, which are the actual topic of the post, until I started rhapsodizing about the amazing food there (oh gawd, the roast buffalo at dinner. It was a transcending culinary experience.Tender roast buffalo encrusted with salt and peppercorns… melt in your mouth…) ok. Seriously. I am GETTING ON TOPIC NOW.

The favors were Saskatoon jam, with personalized labels. There, see? I spit it out without mentioning the food again.

Anyone could do this for their wedding, this is what made it great. Heck you know what? I am going to do this for Christmas along with my baking. Who needs it to be a wedding? I am gonna whip up my own jam for along with my baking this year. With cute labels.  That is my kinda crafting, the kind that involves cooking!

They were not only adorable, personal and fun, they are useful. I may be annoying a few people here, but I hate wedding favors that are non-edible. I don’t think this surprises anyone, does it? I hate junk in my house, I am always trying to de-clutter, so the thought of taking home something that can’t be consumed or used doesn’t appeal to me. I loved these favors, we will eat the jam with gusto, the kids think its the coolest thing ever, and I don’t have to make my own jam.

So I took home 6 jars.

So Karlee,  if you had guests complaining that they didn’t get jam, its all my fault. Ok, one WAS your Dad’s and I didn’t think he’d miss it. And well….that’s what you get when you invite your side of the family to your wedding. Love you 😉

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  1. Jeannie@Cutestweddingfavors says

    This is a great idea! And the labels are adorable too. I wonder where they got the jam recipe? I may add a post about this, it’s a good favor idea. Who doesn’t love food right? Thank you!

  2. Karlee says

    Hahaha…I am so glad you liked the jam favours! I got the idea from a Marth Stewart magazine so definitely cannot take credit for that. And of course all the food, aren’t those Saskatoon Butter Tarts unreal!? All the food there is incredible! My bratty brother and your bratty cousin Kevin was on my case forever about having buffalo roast instead of beef. I’m glad I stuck with my guns (even though I don’t know the difference and am not a red meat eater!). But I trusted the Saskatoon Farm when they told me it was to die for. Did you happen to try the Saskatoon salad dressing or the cilantro one? I’ve been craving it since.

    The jam labels I ordered from a store on, but you could make them so easily on your computer, and especially with Photoshop. I think making them for gifts at Christmas time is such a great idea!

    Oh and don’t worry about taking some extra home! We had a bunch left over as well, some people didn’t take them home. Which was fine by me 😉

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