The Can’t Fake a Smile To Save Your Life Gene

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young boy sitting the couch wearing his new glasses

All we needed was one picture of Mr K to put on Facebook for his grandparents, showing them his adorable new glasses.

In the process, I realized that my son suffers from the same affliction I do. Apparently I am a carrier of the Can’t-Fake-a-Smile-To-Save-Your-Life Gene. You know, that obviously recessive gene that has you unable to produce a smile that passes for real when you don’t really like having your picture taken.

I knew that I had passed on the gene as soon as I saw this picture.

young boy sitting the couch wearing his new glasses snarls at the camera

Does he remind you of anyone?

close up of dad and mom

That’s right. My poor boy. When faced with a camera and someone asking you to smile, he immediately makes a face, or like his mom, snarls at the camera.

It’s not all his fault, really. It doesn’t help when you have a mom who forgets how to work her camera and takes a picture using flash.

using a camera with flash in taking the photo of young boy

Or when you have that other gene, I-Can’t-Stop-Talking-When-People-Take-A-Picture.

This his gets from his mother as well. Oh, the pictures I have where I look ridiculous because I simply cannot shut up for two seconds, even when I know someone is taking my picture.

close up of a boy wearing red shirt and his glasses, sitting on the couch

This, oh this I completely am familiar with.

The” I Give Up”  face.

I do this all the time to Mike when he’s taking my picture.

Don’t like my smiles? Then I won’t. So there. How do you like them apples?

close up of a boy wearing red shirt and his glasses

And then, just like his Mom, after about 100 pictures and eye-rolling galore from the person behind the camera, eventually a real smile comes out. One where you can see the smile in the eyes as well and not just the mouth.

close up of young boy smiling

That last picture may have had me resorting to telling the kid fart jokes. I’m not admitting to anything.



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