The 2016 McCormick Flavour Forecast

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This is the sixteenth year that the McCormick Flavour Forecast has influenced tastes across the nation by identifying the top trends and ingredients that shape the future of flavour. The team of global experts at McCormick – including chefs, culinary professionals and food technologists – create this list that inspires innovation and exploration around the world for years to come. For those of us at home, this list is a fabulous inspiration for us to get cooking!

This sixteenth year is no different, with many different tastes predicted to take the front and centre place in the culinary scene.

Here are a few sneak peeks at what the 2016 Flavour Forecast has identified as major taste trends. I agree with so many of these and think that you are definitely going to see these tastes trends at the forefront of the culinary scene.

Chia Crusted Nicoise Salad Square in a white plate with poached egg

Blends with Benefits

Fragrant and flavourful herbs and spices add versatility to good-for-you ingredients. These include Matcha Green Tea (a very hot ticket item in the culinary scene), flaxseed, chia and turmeric. Matcha tea has already started creeping into the culinary scene and I think that McCormick’s is bang on with this prediction. Did you know that it has three times the healthy benefits of green tea and comes in a powder that is easily used in many dishes? Be prepared to explore this fabulous new taste over the next few years! If you’d like to start exploring now, try this recipe for Niçoise Salad with Chia, Citrus and Chili Crusted Tuna.

Spoon with Peppers in White Background

Heat and Tang

Heat elevates the eating experience, adding a dimension to what may otherwise be a flat tasting dish. When you add in tang like limes or lemons, the dish balances out perfectly, making the perfect plate. Peruvian chilies and lime are a taste pairing that works incredibly well together.

ANCESTRAL FLAVORS - Hominy Fritters with its dipping sauce

Ancestral Flavours

Modern dishes reconnect with native ingredients with the result being food that tastes real, pure and satisfying. Ancient herbs are ones such as thyme, peppermint and parsley. There is a real drive to get back to our culinary roots and using ancestral flavours in our cooking is an excellent way to get there. Try these Hominy Fritters with Bacon Thyme Dipping Sauce as an example.


Bean and Orzo Soup in a white Plate bowl with a spoon on the side

Alternative Pulse Proteins

Pulses are packed with protein and nutrients and include favourites such as dried peas, beans and lentils. They are an incredibly healthy choice for meatless meals and with the onset of Meatless Mondays and a lot of people reducing the amount of meat in their diets, look for these to become even more popular. This Cranberry Bean, Sage and Orzo Soup is the perfect way to try out the new flavours.

TROPICAL ASIAN Banana Ketchup ingredients

Tropical Asian

Those with adventuresome palates seek flavours from new regions and two spots in Southeast Asia – Malaysia and the Philippines have distinctive ingredients for dishes that result in vibrant fare.  Don’t be afraid to try recipes like Banana Ketchup, a very traditional Filipino condiment!

short glasses with different drinks on wood background

Culinary Infused Sips

I love a good cocktail and this part of the report is on par with the trend of the elevation of cocktails to a culinary delight, not just a pre-dinner drink. Try the Peach and Vanilla Brûlée Cocktail yourself and see!

I will be creating some of the recipes that are in the report, stay tuned to check out the recipes in January!

Happy Cooking everyone!


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