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a serving of Bison short rib in a white plate

The food.

Oh, the food. You know that there had to be some amazing tidbits to enjoy while attending an event called Taste Alberta.

We started with the Bison, pictured above, which was melt in your mouth amazing. I love short ribs and think that everyone needs to sample them at least once in their lifetime.

I am intrigued by Bison short ribs. They get all sorts of thoughts meandering through my head. Winter comfort food thoughts.

signage of bison station

Anything mushroom rocks my world.

signage of vegetable station

This didn’t disappoint.

slice of tomato with mona mushroom in a white plate

These were tasty little bites of chicken goodness. Chicken burgers can be hard to do and drying them out happens in the blink of an eye. They were juicy and the roasted garlic mayonaise was perfect.

chicken station signage with a serving of chicken burger in a white plate

The centerpieces were adorable, how simple yet fitting.

kitchen utensils in a clear glass as centerpieces

Mike enjoying the view and a nice glass of wine.

That’s Mr Magpie to you. Or Magpie Mike.

man enjoying the view and a nice glass of wine

So here’s a little confession: I don’t go for Creme Brulee. It doesn’t rock my socks, ring my bell or otherwise impress me usually. And I am sure this stems from having poorly done Creme Brulee in my life, of which I can’t think of anything worse. I now actually kind of shudder thinking of eating it.

But not this one. I couldn’t resist giving it a whirl. Honey and Saskatoons?

signage of dessert station with servings of creme brulee

It was better than it looks-and it looks mouthwatering- by tenfold which makes it the best I have tasted. The honey and Saskatoons were amazing together.

close up of creme brulee with honey and Saskatoons

The cheese table held a tempting array of morsels to try and try I did.

cheese selection signage

What is that you say? A Creme Brulee on a plate of cheese? Why yes, I did have two, thanks for noticing.

Now, do you see that white cheese stick on the plate?

I have a new addiction and I must have more.

This is the cheese stick for adults. Dry, salty, wonderful to pull apart-just like a kid’s- cheese. I emailed Sylvan asking them exactly what this was. Mr Magpie is addicted.  I think he would love these in his stocking this year.

A creme brulee on a plate of cheese

The chutney served with this was really interesting.

turkey station signage

Aah, pictures by candlelight. Not as romantic as it sounds. I ran out of natural light coming out of the windows.

Which reminds me, the trouble I go to in the attempt for pictures. Notice how beautiful the first one is? That is because it’s held up to the window and was the first picture of the night.

I was the only weirdo holding plates up to the window. I can’t help it, nothing does food justice like natural light. Kudos to Mike for not thinking I am weird, but instead leading me back to the table closest to the window. He knows the natural light obsession.

turkey meatball with spicy cranberry chutney in a white plate

Bad picture, wonderful food. Braised Spring Creek Ranch Beef stuffed in a baby potato.

This would be my meat and potato gal revelation. When Kevin asked me what I had tasted that was my favorite, I abashedly said this one.

It was so simple, yet flavorful, the appeal of the presentation is universal and easy for anyone at home to do. The only thing missing is a slight dab of contrast on the top, I would have garnished it with something for that last bit of visual appeal needed. Other than that, I thought this was something that the home chef can whip up with confidence.

White Plate with Braised Spring Creek Ranch Beef stuffed in a baby potato

I also tasted lamb skewers and pork but did not get pictures of those unfortunately.

Thanks again to Liane and the Edmonton Journal for hosting such a lovely event and inviting me to it!

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  1. Stanley Townsend says

    You captured the moment ! (the contemplative vision of Magpie Mike)
    What’s up ?
    You don’t like Creme Brulee (or Tofu ?)…… good gravy !….

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