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T Stands for Terror

And T also stand for Throwing up on your shoes, which happens to be what I wanted to do when I was filled with Terror.

Terror because my 6 year old son is now tall enough to go on the Swing of the Century at Galaxyland.

He has been waiting for this for over a year now. We rarely go to West Edmonton Mall and go on the rides, because phhht, only tourists do that.  However, this weekend my sister and my darling nephew were up to celebrate his second birthday and since they live in Calgary, they qualify as tourists who want to visit the mall.

So back to my Terror.


I was crossing my fingers that when he stood up by the measurement sign, that he was too short. I would rather deal with a slight bit of disappointment, quickly alleviated by pointing out some other, cooler ride than the swings.

The kid was almost 2 inches OVER the height requirement, Damn my gene pool.

And so he went on.

And promptly burst into tears when he couldn’t get the chain attached to the bar.

So the mother in me freaked out (internally screaming) and quickly called out that he could come out, that if he was scared I could come and get him, no problem.

And then some darn older boy leaned over and told him it was ok and did up the chain for him. What is wrong with today’s kids? Couldn’t you just let him chicken out and come back to his momma?

And then it was smiles.

He took off his boots, adjusted his socks.

And then this great tall machine of hell proceeded to whip my son around in circles, with a mere chain standing between him and certain death.

Thus the wanting to Throw up on my shoes.

And I spent some time watching where the chains were attached. Really, really watching. It was easier to watch that my son 5o feet in the air.

And then I got this shot, of him looking at me and laughing maniacally, having the time of his little life. (click to enlarge).

And I felt a little better.

Not any less nauseous, but I stopped feeling like I sent my son to his doom.


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    March 24, 2010 at 1:04 am

    I dunno why but that ride makes me nauseous without any treasured offspring mounted in the seat and whizzing around in circles.

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