Syrup N’ Fried Egg Bacon Pancakes.

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cooking the bacon in a skillet

Bacon Pancakes! Makin’ Bacon Pancakes! Take Some Bacon And I Put It In A Pancake! Bacon Pancakes! That’s What Its Gonna Make! Bacon Pancakeeee!!

Name that TV show!

Making bacon pancakes is exactly what I did when we were camping one weekend. Bacon pancakes have been around since the moment that pancakes and bacon were put on the same plate together for breakfast…and the world changed forever in the best possible way.

I wanted to take them one step further and make a breakfast stack. If you like McGriddles, or you are the type of person who mixes everything on your plate at Denny’s, then this is the recipe for you!

I want you to take a moment and think about what category you fall into for this recipe.

Are you an adventuresome mix-n-matcher when it comes to your plate? Can everything touch and mingle? Sweet & savoury combined make your day complete?

Or are you a plain eats type of eater, sauces can be left out, you like your food as God intended without any crazy hanky panky going on.

Trust me, your choice comes into play later on in the recipe.

First, we take bacon and we put it in a pancake, literally.

Fry up your bacon – you can see mine on the campfire above- to the desired crispness and blot the extra fat off with paper towels.

Take your pancake batter and pour your pancakes. I used a boxed pancake mix when camping, but if you are at home my Buttermilk Pancakes recipe is great for this!

Place a piece of bacon in the middle of the batter on the uncooked side of the pancake. Press the bacon in slightly so that it’s in the middle of the batter.

Flip the pancake once the bottom side is cooked – bubbles will start showing in the batter and the edges will be cooked- and proceed to cook the second side.

Voila! Bacon pancakes!

piece of bacon in the middle of the batter of each uncooked side of pancakes in skillet

Now, because we were camping I wanted an all-in-one breakfast, one stack of sheer awesome that we could eat on a small plate.

To achieve the all-in-one breakfast the next step is to fry up an egg and place on top of three bacon pancakes.

stack of three pieces bacon pancakes with fried egg on top in a plate

Then let this happen.

This, right here, is the stuff that breakfast dreams are made of. You could up the ante and place another egg on top, letting the luscious yolk drip down all over the bacon pancakes.

If you are really feeling naughty, you could butter each pancake before you stack it. 

Oh myyyyy. Are you feeling naughty enough to try that?

People who don’t like hanky-panky with your food, STOP RIGHT HERE.  Eat away, my friends, this is your breakfast!

I, of course, had to take it one step further.

I like hanky-panky.

three pieces bacon pancakes with fried egg on top, letting the luscious yolk drip down all over the bacon pancakes

I took maple syrup and I drizzled it all over this bad boy.

I’d like you to take a moment to pause and just think about what just happened in this picture. It’s worth a moment or two to contemplate the savoury sweet greatness that this picture sums up.

Food hanky-panky at it’s finest.

bacon pancakes

You will know right away if the syrup hanky-panky is for you.

If you swirl your leftover hashbrowns through the egg/syrup/pancakes bits on your breakfast platter to catch the last bites of glorious breakdfast food, this is for you.

If you think McGriddles were the greatest invention ever, you will love this.

So which foodie are you?

Adventuresome mix-n-matcher who thinks that dredging the breakfast leftovers with your hashbrowns is the best part of the meal, or the type who has to have everything in its place and not touching?

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Let me know if you try this recipe!



bacon pancakes

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  1. Tom Maguire says

    Egg on a stack of pancakes: on american cargo ships, it’s known a “schooner rig”

  2. Susan Grieb Lovell says

    Oh, I love bacon pancakes and eggs. It’s the only way I like to eat bacon.

  3. Raven Wanders says

    Adventure Time! My fave bacon song\U0001f60a\U0001f60a

  4. Cori Burgar says

    Easy! Adventure Time! Jake is an awesome pancake maker!

  5. Pamela Marriott says

    My mom made these when we were little. Sans egg for me.

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