Contrary to how the above picture makes me look like a busy fisherwoman, I have been LAZY this summer. I honestly thing I have only been out three or four times. For me, that’s lazy.

This is a heck of a lazy summer when it comes to fishing. I just have not made it a priority. It doesn’t help that I’m working a lot lately, between big projects and my website, not to mention Safeway and everyone else that I write for. Not that I’m complaining. Ever.

However, even when we are out at the trailer, I”m still having to put in hours writing and developing recipes – again, no complaints-but I have less time this year to get out fishing, that’s for certain.

I’m going to have to try to make more time for it, that’s all there is to it. We have so little time to get out before it gets cold that I need to prioritize a bit better.

We have traveled out to Beaver Lake, a catch and release trout that in central Alberta that can have some great fishing.


Sadly, the day we went the fishing was not great. So not great that Mike had time to pick up my camera and take pictures of me.

Can you tell how impressed I am with him?

Just guess what kind of look I am giving him behind those sunglasses of mine.


The best part is that we did get out with my Dad fishing ,which only happens a few times a year and as you can see in the photo that started this post, he was catching Northern Pike at our lake with the kids.


While those rainbow trout don’t always bite, I can always catch a Northern Pike.


Those greedy gators are an easy dinner, time and time again.


However, I want to know why the one who catches the fish is always the one who cleans them?

I think other members of my family need to sharpen their fish filleting skills.


Hopefully I can get out on a nice day trip again and get some fishing in, with some fish and pictures this time! I’ll try to make sure I fit it in somehow because before you know it, summer is over and it’s time to get back to the grind.

Has anyone else been out fishing this year? How has your luck been so far?




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