As we gear up to hit Disneyland tomorrow -without the kids!- my thoughts already have been swirling around with what places we are going to try out food-wise this time around. I've written about a few (and I still have pictures and reviews to write about others), now it's time to settle in and really look at which ones I need to place a visit to.

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When I start thinking of food at Disneyland, my mind immediately goes to the first Starbucks that was opened there, in California Adventure.

I don't think you can possibly grasp how excited Mike was. I mean, Disneyland literally became the Happiest Place on Earth, for real, for that man. He was good. While you did have to visit California Adventure to get your fix, now there is also a place that serves Starbucks in Disneyland, the Market House on Main Street USA.

The one over in California Adventure has our hearts though, being larger and having better offerings food-wise,

Plus, it was our first and you never forget your first, as the saying goes.


The kids and I always buy a Mickey shaped cookie and let me tell you, I am SO curious to see if there is a Halloween offering tomorrow! Disneyland is in full Halloween swing here!


The menu has everything that a normal Starbucks does.


Mmmm. Frappuccino's. Espresso.

So needed when you are doing Disneyland with the kids!


Speaking of which, there they are, in their favorite seats ( seriously, they sit right there every time we visit) having their Mickey cookies.


What we really love is how large and in charge the Fiddler, Fifer And Practical Cafe is. Unlike your normal Starbucks, there is always room to sit and relax in the air-conditioning for a while.


Super. Yum.

Also, can we say talented baristas?

Look at how close they got to spelling my name right! You don't even want to know what gets written on my Starbucks orders. I could start a whole new blog based on that 😉


So Moms and Dads, caregivers and more, this is where you want to be first thing in the morning or for an afternoon hit of caffeine. I seriously love this place. It honestly makes Disneyland the Happiest Place on Earth for me, nevermind Mike!

Disneyland is the one place that I seem to fall off the caffeine wagon, without fail. I don't drink much caffeine day-to-day, but Lord above, you put me in Disneyland and I can't get enough. Must be the continuous running after my kids….

So have you found this at Disneyland? I am surprised how many people have no idea that it even exists!

Love you more than Disney (er…but it's a close one…it really is….)


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