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Some Lovelies

Yes. Even a spider as big as a quarter is lovely. I have learned to appreciate what each creepy crawly does in the ecosystem of my backyard.

Even when they make me scream like a girl.

Ok, actually, I don’t mind spiders one bit and you wouldn’t hear me scream.


But Mike sure does.

It’s funny.

Who knew he had such a high pitch to his voice?

Since the rains have come and I am building my ark in the backyard as we speak, I am going to cheer myself up with pictures I took a few days ago whilst there was sun.

My honeysuckle that came back. First…one..ever to come back!

Ah, another creepy crawly that I adore. Honeybees and more please! The more there are, the more my vegetables get pollinated.

I am sorry I am such a nerd. You love me anyways.


Canterbury bells.


Wild, outta control and a purple my camera couldn’t capture properly. Three of my favorite things.

Speaking of out of control, question for the masses.

When you have a bottle of wine, break the cork and have to push it into the bottle to get it out, that means you HAVE to finish the bottle, correct?

Side with me here, people.

Ah. White wine, some John Meyer and blogging after a lovely date night with the husband.

We saw the A- Team. Loved it. Better than the show was.

Can I also interject here and say that I have a massive thing for Bradley Cooper.

You also read that I am enjoying a glass or three of wine.

I take NO responsibility for the direction that this post takes.

However, let the record show that the witness obviously has a major thing for blue eyed men with goatees. She married one, after all.

Back to flowers. But really, I could talk about blue eyed men with goatees ALLLL night.

My gorgeous mock orange. Gawd I love it.

My clematis that came back!

No clue what color I planted. Newp, no idea what it’s going to be when it grows up.

My skyscraper delphiniums! These are amazing! The fence is 6 feet tall and some are at the 7 foot mark obviously. They also are seeding themselves, last weeks in blooms and I can’t rave enough about them.

The rain has turned my grass into a carpet of blue petals now, however I am hoping some survive.

The post is done.

The wine is gone.

And off I go.

Night all!


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    July 13, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    Your garden looks great, Karlynn! I’ll have to come over to sit amongst the flowers with some of that white wine! 🙂

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